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Nostradamus C1 Q06: Commentary on his preparation of Aquilege liquers.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Several of Nostradamus' early quatrains deal with the 16th century distillation and preparation of chemicals. In this verse he indicates that it displeases him when pasquinades (satirical leaflets) deriding him and his methods are chanted by the courtesans of France. However his primary interest is the constituents of folious plants and the variant genes or alleles found in different breeds. Part of his annoyance is that the plants he seeks are often stripped of their leaves by more ignorant users.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

unlearned Seer situated Leo relied - unseen steadier love its lute serenade - asserted ensnare dearest Rennes
L'oeil de Rauenne ſera deſtitue

alleles fails displeases pasquinades - olden_quatrain despises false leafless passed
Quand a ſes pieds les aelles failliront

Serb courtesan bed rearouses constituent eludes breeds - Seas contour arsenous 
Les deux de Breſſe auront conſtitue

Aquileges folious rule not intruder ruined liquers Louis age foul
Turin Derſeil que Gaulois fouleront
The eye of Ravenna will be forsaken,
when his wings will fail at his feet.
The two of Bresse will have made a constitution
for Turin and Vercelli, which the French will trample on
L'oeil de Rauenne ſera deſtitue
Quand a ſes pieds les aelles failliront
Les deux de Breſſe auront conſtitue
Turin Derſeil que Gaulois fouleront
L1: <unSeen Relied Steadier outLet ><Leo idle eRa Situated renneS><itS Lute Serenade><a Steadier unSeen Lute Relied> <redSea Lute Site unleaRned><it aSSerted>DearesT tituS diSSertate endearS

L2: <safe alleles (variant gene forms) Despises ill iron><filial paSQuinades (displayed poetic lampoon) torn>< false ill seal><a trillion leafless paSQuinades><olden-Quatrain deSpiseS alleles fail>apSides diSpleases

L3: <~Seas Breedx our conStituent eLudes~><SeaS contour itS><~eLudes Breedx arSenous conStitute~> <not reaSSure><SerBS exuded><arouSeS conStituent Breed uxed><SuBterraneoS tocSin exuded><courteSanS Breed><lute tocSin (warning bell) aSSure Breed not uxed>tituS

L4: <inTruDerS not lie><roTten oils / soil foul aGe><aGe of oils rule liQuers not inTrude ><foul rotten aquilaGe ruined louis><euloGias foul roTten liquerS ruined><folious aquileGe>untried
1: constituent, pasquinades, constitute, dissertate, intruders, unlearned, folious, leafless,
2: olden-quatrains, courtesans, situated, despises, dispels,
3: displeases, trillion, reinsured,
4: displease, Aquilege, contour, rearouses, asserted, apsides, despise, serenade,
5: liquers, unearned, foils,
6: courtesan, reassure, Serbs,
7: arsenous, alleles, passed, ensnare,,
8: deduxes, toscin, spies,
9: steadier, intrude / untried, resiled, Titus (2x), unseen,
10: espied, breeds, fails,
11: uuage,
12: dearest, oiled,
13: exuded / deduxe, Rennes, breed,
14: reside, foul,
15: eulogias, oil-usage,
16: arouses, rinsed, false / fleas,
17: relied,
18: Delarue,
19: -
20: astride / tirades, spied,
21: -
22: Redseas,
23: -

pasquinades, olden-quatrains, dissertate, constitute, alleles, passed, despises, unlearned, courtesans, folious, constituent, liquers, Aquilege, situated, leafless, contour, rearouses, serenade, displeases, asserted, foils, ensnare, arsenous, toscin, intrude unseen, dearest, breeds, espied, fails, foul, oil-usage, Rennes, steadier, breed, arouses, false, tirades.


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