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Nostradamus C1 Q9: Icelander legends as base for disease in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Amongst the purposes served by the anagrams of this verse one of the more important is that of an identifier of the Icelander legends of the Sybil as a model for the way his lettering reveals important predictions. Though the text and another cluster of anagrams he brings in the movement of the tectonic plates , the subsequent release of new bacteria and methods used in treating some of their fouling impact.

Relevant anagrams in this verse from which the text gains meaning include:

routine Icelander older  power invented pure unique oracle - cradle derivant
De L'Orient viendra le coeur punique

formulised search chase hardier holiest rumors fields - helotries feudalism fusilades, sulfoamides, sulfamide, sulfide - hoteliers fades
Fascher Hadrie et les hoirs Romulides

map legend scales by Ascella key - called Sibylesque cleaned syllabise
Accompagne de la claſſe Libyque

simple-letters chose delusive  Epistle heroics - ill tectosphere smell spirochetes suited chores duties
Temples Mellites et proches iſles vuides

# Sulfamide is a chemical compound with the molecular structure H2NSO2NH2 forms of which are used medicinally.
# Tectosphere means the outer shell of the earth which comprises the tectonic plates.
# Spirochetes are a bacterial form of life that commonly has long filaments. Some forms of this phyla cause diseases specific to the type.
# Helotry is a term for serfdom or slavery.
# Ascella is a star in Sagittarius that was part of an earlier asterism called "the Returning Ostriches", who legend had it as their route to and from the celestial river, the Milky Way.
From the Orient will come the African heart
to trouble Hadrie and the heirs of Romulus.
Accompanied by the Libyan fleet
the temples of Malta and nearby islands shall be deserted
De L'Orient viendra le coeur punique
Fascher Hadrie et les hoirs Romulides
Accompagne de la claſſe Libyque
Temples Mellites et proches iſles vuides
L1: <~i invented pure unique OLDer oracle~><icelander pouuer> ireland derivant learned invert recouple

L2: <i search Hard hostile / holiest rumors Fields><FoRmulised Harder helotries (serfdom) aches><~Hardier hosteliers aches Formulised~>Feudalism / sulFamide sulfiDe Fusilades

L3: <agen called a SybileSque><aScellaS legend (return of ostriches rom milky way) map><SyllabiSE quAcce>

L4: <~delusive Temples sMell Spirochete (leprosy bacterium) Site> <tectospherE (tectonic plate region) seeM ill><heroics leSs vuide>chores duties / suited
1: simple-letters, formulised, sulfoamides, sulfamide / feudalism, sulfide, spirochetes, Sibylesque, fusilades, tectosphere,
2: syllabise, Icelander, helotries, hoteliers,delusive, hostile, holiest, called,
3: invented, 
4: harder, holes, smell,
5: recouple, Ascella, hardier, unique, fields,
6: till, quey,
7: heroics, cleaned, rumors,
8: invent, cradle,
9: deuils, fades,
10: Stemples, uvide / vuide,
11: legend,
12: call,
13: hard,
14: chafes, invert, gap,
15: duties / suited, oracle, heard,
16: chores, chose,
17: -
18: -
19: -
20: Stempel / temples, Septet,
21: derivant,
22: -
23: -

Key Ideas:

Icelander, invented, unique, fields, Sibylesque, legend, formulised, heroics, syllabise, simple-letters, heard, feudalism, helotries, quey, called, Ascella, holiest, rumors, invent, oracle, suited, harder, chores, tectosphere, cradle, spirochetes, fusilades, sulfoamides, sulfamide / sulfide, cleaned, smell, hoteliers, delusive, derivant, duties, fades.



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