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Nostradamus C1 Q10: The northern polestar Ursa Minor as the guiding clock for 21stC Disaster.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The fourth line of this verse has the only anagram for Ursa Minoris and has  another co-joined lettering for Cynosura-time. Both names are used for the Northern Polestar. This astronomic feature is set into an environment where positrons sit alongside modern terms from medicine, archeology and biology (see my paper on astronomy for more).

There are also quite disturbing anagrams related to current events in the Middle East. Together they make it clear that this verse is about us and events to come over the near future. Traditionally this verse has been linked entirely with the demise of the French Royal family in the sixteenth century. This older application is still valid but what it also does is provide guidance for the star and planet formations that will reveal the onset of the mutations at the heart of Nostradamus' Prophecies.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

analgesic defers present represents mans islands -  algaecide refers Serpants sadism clansmiss scandal Adige  frees
Serpens tranſmis dans la caige de fer

dinosour aptness your positrons seen- Louis  fan pests durations- perilous soul peasants portions
Ou les enfans ſeptains du Roy ſont pris

elusive expert stories iron blasted batons terrorises - evils use Peter stories adsorbent rosters restores revels
Les vieux et peres ſortiront bas de l'enfer

Ursa-Minoris (Polaris) fordriver cru[c]iform (cross shape) trisect - Syria mourns cry Missourian, Syrians,  Freud, restrict
Ains mourir voir de fruic mort et crys
A serpent is put into the vault of iron,
where seven children of the king are held.
The ancestors and forebears will come forth from the dead
lamenting to see thus dead the fruit of their line

Serpens tranſmis dans la caige de fer
Ou les enfans ſeptains du Roy ſont pris
Les vieux et peres ſortiront bas de l'enfer
Ains mourir voir de fruic mort et crys
  1. <pen referS star><repreSents manS manS freed /defer islands><Serpents / preSents freed><algaecide preferS><~Sadism deferS present analgesic ran~> <a scandal miSs gedi>partnerS preferS
  2. <fans print So youR sOul seen> <youR pOsitronS><lOuis seen><youRS not perilOus ><duRations Sony prints><dinosauR aptneSs> anapeSts / peaSants
  3. <expert Stories eLusive><i uxe peterS Levers><fen siLver blades> <terroriSes not expert based><reStore(s) / reSorts / roSters blasted iron>
  4. <ursAminoris [Polestar] fordrive cry><our cynosurA-time><syriAns><missouriAn cry><syriA mourns><eruciform [larva shaped]plant]>


1: Ursa-Minoris, eruciform, algaecide, fordrive, cytaster, blasted, Syrians, expert,
2: Missourian, positrons, durations, analgesic, terrorises, sadism,
3: adsorbent, positron, portions, represents, scandals, dinosaur, perilous, presents, serpents, relieves, Syrian, prefers, Tyson, stony,
4: islands, elusive, livers / silver / sliver, Syria,
5: reviles / servile,
6: anapests / peasants, duisant, oryons, triton, canals, defers,
7: partners, rosters / resorts, blades, Adige, rays,
8: sorts,
9: mourns, yours, Freud,
10: scandal, based,
11: Serpens, Midas / maids, fired,
12: scry, Gedi,
13: restores, levers / revels,
14: prints, paint, clans,
15: aptness, strip, 
16: Ormus / Romus,
17: -,
18: present / serpent, Louise, cry,
19: gales,
20: defer / freed,
21: -
22: -
23: Simon, Noys, nosy, sony

Key Ideas:

Syrians, expert, fordrive, eruciform, analgesic, algaecide, Missourian, sadism, terrorises, blasted, positrons, adsorbent, durations, Ursa-Minoris, Polestar, portions, represents, elusive, scandals, prints,  perilous, dinosaur, presents, rosters, relieves, peasants, Freud, mourns, Serpens, clans, restores, Gedi, levers / revels, Louise, freed.



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