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Nostradamus C1 Q20: The musical nation that threatens France.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is one of several that imply Nostradamus' use of musical means to emphasise his astronomic code. From its placement in this particular verse it is possible to conclude that this style of encodement is mainly relevant to a period of invasion in France. Its ties to Meistersinger then make it likely that it relates to the German occupation of France in the 20th Century.

Some anagrams that provide the contextual framework of this verse include:

Meistersinger statesmen testaments rimesters notates our roles learn Bolis (shooting star) reassign Messier (star catalogue) neatest routes
Tours, Orleans, Blois, Angiers, Reims et Nates 

subpar bit teaching change cementing apexes-vertices,
Cites vexees par ſubit changement   

angular gestures set star ranges Norse rotten end tuned
untested pat[t]erns
Par Langues eſtranges ſeront tendues tentes

tuneful address reenters meter meter term emblem,
Fleuues dards Renes terre et mer tremblement. 
Tours, Orleans, Blois, Angers, Reims
These cities are troubled by sudden change.
Tents will be pitched by (people) of foreign tongues
rivers, darts at Rennes, shaking of land and sea.
Tours, Orleans, Blois, Angiers, Reims et Nates   
Cites vexees par ſubit changement   
Par Langues eſtranges ſeront tendues tentes
Fleuues dards Renes terre et mer tremblement.

L1: <Neatest rimes><meisteRsinger Notates A Bolis[shooting star]><our TestameNts/sTatemeNts roLes><miseNteRs seignoriAl Bans><NotaTes rimesteRs eAsing><messieR regAins lisBon><lisBons reginA Remiss><rouT statesmeN rOles>

L2: <men change bit > <teaching Sub-par><apex-vertiCes>cubitS Cementing

L3: <See strange RottenneSs tenet used> <anguLar steP Sets ranges><tuned PatternLess not greatneSS><transPLantee gestureS untested><reagentS granuLes Rottenness><PLeasanter genus ><augen asSert augen PatternLess>

L4: <uue leFt address seen><use emblem tuneFul meter enters><eduuards leFt / Felt men><tuneFul address Reenters><seRene men desulFurated>

1: apexes-vertices, Meistersinger, desulfurated, testaments / statements, cementing, statesmen, Eduuards, tuneful, gestures, subpar,
2: transplantee, patternless, seignorial, teaching, misenters, Lisbons, cubits, cubit,
3: rimesters, untested, angular, Lisbon, apexes,
4: granules, negress, vexes,
5: rottenness, address, gnosia, Saigon, emblem,
6: pleasanter, notates, evicts, neatest, renders, 
7: granule, Messier, flute,
8: lobs,
9: reassign, 
10: cement, bolis / boils, remiss, egress, genus,
11: uueeds,
12: planar, ensued,
13: tangles,
14: -,
15: boil,
16: reenters,
17: greatness, reigns / resign / singer, tenets, gains, beans,
18: stouter, plaster / Psalter, dreads / sadder, bans,
19: left / felt,
20: inmates,
21: -,
22: -,
23: -.

Key Ideas:

apexes-vertices, Meistersinger, testaments cementing, statesmen, Eduuards, tuneful, gestures, subpar, teaching, desulfurated, Messier, Bolis, transplantee, misenters, Lisbons, cubits, rimesters, angular, apexes, address, emblem, untested, Psalter, greatness, sadder, inmates, tenets, reenters.


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