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Nostradamus C1 Q21: The astral ciphers that arise from rhetoric labels.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is another of those that is central to Nostradamus' coding methods since it discloses how he uses a name-exchange technique to expand upon the list of 72 angelic names given by Cornelius Agrippa. Agrippa linked these to significant stars that lie along the zodiacal path at intervals of 5 degrees. The name Gabrielle found in this verse is not included in this list for it is not found in the Bible as an angel, only in the Enoch documents. From the nature of this verse's content it is apparent the name is reserved for the Milky way. It is also the first name of the mistress of Henry IV who was one of the channels by which the branches of the Bourbon gene line were propagated.

The anagrams concealed by Nostradamus' own lettering have great internal strength and that for rhetoric implies that Nostradamus' code is tied into the language. It appears to make reference to the relationship between Enoch labelling and Gabriel as a coding basis for his astral ciphers. The text also implies a second theme in which minerals are used by priests which the people wrongly believe are toxic

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Proof reading Gabrielle label Enoch rhetoric channel our cipher
Profonde argille blanche nourrit rochier

divine basis asterism artistical materials act incite Queens astral queues
Qui d'vn abisme iſtra lacticineuſe

never a routin[e]-our bluezone seen Norse lose rotten touch
En vain troublez ne l'oſeront toucher,

Girona regions resonants reasonings are found fortuned era grail ill genius use.
Ignorans eſtre au fond terre argilleuſe.
The rock holds in its depths white clay
which will come out milk-white from a cleft.
Needlessly troubled people will not dare touch it,
unaware that the foundation of the earth is of clay.
Profonde argille blanche nourrit rochier   
Qui d'vn abisme iſtra lacticineuſe.   
En vain troublez ne l'oſeront toucher,
Ignorans eſtre au fond terre argilleuſe.

L1: <ciPher for reloading enoch label> <read on for enoch labelling our ciPher><gabrielle our channel><rhetoric [study of language] Proof ill danger><channel gabrielle fond><Proferlabel reloading Profer><reginald rhetoric Proof><clan libel danger>

L2: <in artiStical QueueS><riteS uSe anaclitic iambs><bi materialS><aStral><aSterism><iniect Sectarial iambs><materialS bias>asteriSmal asteraliSm

L3: <norSe train to nEver touch><leo'S rotten bluezone>

L4: <reasonIng featureS don't err> <found arSenates greater use Ignore ill><nItrogenaSes liguleS><fortuned arsenateS regIonS><IgnoreS guerilla aSSsent><reasonIng leuelS rateS><noted arson featureS><nears IgneouS rateS><nItrogenaseS gullieS /ligules>]<treasonS genIuS><resonantS guISe>

1: nitrogenases, artistical, labelling, Gabrielle, materials, bluezone, rhetoric, actinic, channel, rhotic,
2: asteralism/ asterismal, sectarial, fortuned,
3: reloading, theoric, arsenates, gullies / ligules, lactic, cipher, touch, divan, queues,
4: igneous, Eufrates / features, grill (2x), iambs,
5: guerilla, iniect / incite, altars / astral, girl (2x),
6: reasonings, reasoning, Reginald, chort, choir, profer,
7: resonants,
8: organise, Blanche, fronted, ignores / regions, heroic, genius, found, label,
9: asterism,
10: trials / trails,
11: uueeds,
12: Girona, queens,ravine / vainer,
13: Vienna, guise,
14: Artemis, ill use, austere, grail (2x), hone, rarer,
15: boil,
16: realist, 
17: raven,
18: Enoch, never,
19: treasons, zeen,
20: reasons, proof,
21: rouble,
22: libel, basin, quid, altar,
23: trouble, ignore / Origen / region, relose, here,

Key Ideas:

artistical, labelling, Gabrielle, materials, bluezone, rhetoric, asterismal, channel, fortuned, arsenates, igneous, gullies, cipher, queues, touch, reasonings, genius, found, asterism, label, Enoch, proof, Girona, queens, reasons, never, seen.





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