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Nostradamus C1 Q22: On  astronomic code using a specific example of climate change.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is one of those that contributed most to my earliest views on how Nostradamus incorporated astronomic data into his poetry (See my paper on Astronomy for more). My attention was drawn to it by the appearance of one of the three anagrams for astronomers and the singular anagrams for versification / verifications, fricative and frications together with wording in the first two lines of text that seemed to be haunted by the same elements.

It also brings together words that would not normally be linked but which when they manifest themselves as flamed glacier they can account for the great flooding Nostradamus foresaw.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

equicurve view a neat Yucatan Sun sequence
Ce que viura et n'ayant aucun ſens

versification learned astronomer art fricative deliverance Venice evinced
Viendra leser a mort ſon artifice

USA unlatch Nolan anger lest eldest eludes nexus 
Austun, Chalon, Langres et les deux Sens

arranged flame sacrilege large ESS sees legates face inflamed glacier
La gresſe et glace fera grand malefice.
A thing existing without any senses
will cause its own end to happen through artifice.
At Autun, Chalan, Langres and the two Sens
there will be great damage from hail and ice.
Ce que viura et n'ayant aucun ſens
Viendra leser a mort ſon artifice
Austun, Chalon, Langres et les deux Sens
La gresſe et glace fera grand malefice.

Anagram Clusters contained in French text (~ means full line used.)

  1. <~vi-a nature yucatan Sun sequenCe~><vi (6) nature SequenceS> uranite uranate equiCurve
  2. <if aStronomers real art eVinced><VerSification / VerificationS learned><ratifi aStronomers deliVerance>.<i learned aStronomers fricative (letters s,z,x,z,Ch,f,R)> <fricationS enVied><~aStronomer seal actifier driVen~>
  3. <~uuAnts ranges Challon nexuS deletes~><susA unlatCh eldest nexuS><greets noLan launCh>reagents
  4. <legate arranged face SacriLeges flame><Sees arrange face flamed gLacier><LargeSse / Large eSs inflamed>Segregates
1: versification / verifications, frications, fricative, sacrileges, equicurve, inflamed, Challon, Yucatan, sequence(s),nexus,
2: deliverance, astronomer, sacrilege, unlatch, launch, uuaiver, flamed, uuants,
3: astronomers, artifice / actifier, 
4: evinced, glacier, unsexed, motors, halo,
5: slanderer, unseats,
6: malefice, evince / Venice, Nolan, vieuu, rift,
7: Tanya,
8: legaci, regents,
9: -,
10: egrets / greets, egress,
11: largesse, facile, deletes, legate,
12: uacant, arrange,
13: Vienna, guise,
14: -,
15: vice,
16: uranite,
17: grandma, regales,
18: uranate, flame,
19: enlarges / generals, eldest,
20: arranged, ussat,
21: face,
22: Armand, graels, larges,
23: -.

Key Ideas:

fricative, versification, inflamed, Challon, Yucatan, equicurve, sequence(s), nexus, launch, astronomer, sacrilege, deliverance, unlatch, flamed, artifice, evinced, glacier, Venice, Nolan rift, motors, view, Vienna, Guise, regales, uranite, Armand arranged.


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