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Nostradamus C1 Q23: Beasts engaged in destruction of new species of ape during asteroid disaster

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

Verse C1 Q23 has long been applied by interpreters of Nostradamus' Prophecies to modern warriors with the foremost case being the Battle of Waterloo but any merit in that application is limited to a story chosen to maintain interest in his tales.

 The reality of Nostradamus' Prophecies isthey are diminished by efforts that cannot be conveyed or unworthy of presenting to a future audience. To escape that entombment Nostradamus needed his instruments (his prophecies and prefaces) to be perfectly crafted. Any secret lies inside his works and any revelatory truth must already be imbedded for all to see. 

Nostradamus centuries 1 quatrain 23 Royal Stars and Soviet lineageSome of that truth lies in the beasts he names in his text, some in the warlike context, the battle field and the prominence of the celestial elements.

Amongst the anagrams contained within the verses lettering there are clusters that fit the rudimentary mould provided by the text. Significantly there are stars named by this process Antares and Rigel that provide focus points when looking to the heavens.

There are other structures offering hanging places for the topics raised in the text but this work remains incomplete. Those starting points can be seen in the bottom section of the chart for this verse.

# Seleucia : an ancient region on the Tigris River in Southern Iraq.
# Leneaus : Greek / Roman god of wine equivalent to Bacchus and Dionysius.


In the third month, at sunrise,
the Boar and the Leopard meet on the battlefield.
The fatigued Leopard looks up to heaven
and sees an eagle playing around the sun.
Au moys troisiesme ſe leuant le ſoleil
Sanglier, Liepard, au champs Mars pour cobatre
Liepard laisse, au ciel extend ſon oeil
Vn Aigle autour du Soleil voit s'esbatre
Calydonian Boar : In this Greek legend the heroes of the age gather together to hunt down a monstrous boar that is terrorising the people.
The Leopard represents the Maenads, warlike virgins who were followers of Dionysus.
Eagle represents Zeus who in this form ate the liver Of Promethus every night as punishment for his stealing of Zeus' fire in order that humans could cook the flesh of beasts,
L1: <simulAtory meiosis (belittlement) elSe loSe leuant><Seism leaues lonelieSt morosity (gloom)><story i leaue Seems a Stolen lie>

L2: <auch Signaller paired arMs maps><abnegatorS Peril arMs corpus lie><lineageS peRil abort><carbonateS uproars><releaSing peril><arMs corpus alignS borate map><pours aScorbate (Vitamin C) arMs piLe linger><antareS (bright star in Scorpio) rigel (bright star in Orion)><generaliSt parade Lie> triangleS bareSt phasm

L3: <Soon end iLl paired aliases><exile causes radial pile><next Solenoid piLlared is seleucia (Tigris region, Iraq)>iLl lapidaries (stone engravers) cause lie><iLl rape assailed><lie Soon end>

L4: So re-eVAluating beasts uuord> <a site leAVing out uuorldS barest evil><it reVeAling evil touuard beasts Soul><braVest site Align><Averting / trAveling beasts><soviet leAving soul touuard barest lie ~><~So violets uuord eVAluating barest lie~>VinegAr uuaterlog bases
1: re-evaluating, simulatory, abnegators, traveling, morosity, uuaterlog, ascorbate, revealing, solenoid, averting, pillared, bravest,
2: UUorlds, amyous, boaster / borates, mousy,
3: carbonates, lapidaries, generalist, signaller, loneliest, assailed, violets, vinegar, meiosis,
4: leaving, Seleucia, radial, uuord,
5: triangles, Gaulite, Glanis / signal, uuords / suuord, beasts / basest, dials, boat,
6: abort,
7: lineages, stollen, Soviet,
8: uproars, corpus, Lenaeus, causes, parade,
9: releasing, touuard, dial / laid,
10: berates / rebates, linger, Troys / story,
11: aliases, phasm, avert, bases,
12: champs, ravine / vainer, breast / barest (2x),
13: realign, Antares, melees, exile, next,
14: -
15: paired (2x), Eloise, Rigel,
16: -
17: align (2x), olive, raven, soon,
18: Louise, slang, ramps, alum,
19: Astrea,
20: strangle,
21: tuuo,
22: Tudor, abets / beats / beast / bates / baste, sites,
23: -.

abnegators, morosity, re-evaluating, simulatory, traveling, revealing, ascorbate, waterlog, bravest, Worlds, borates, carbonates, lapidaries, violets, loneliest, signaller, generalist, assailed, leaving, meiosis, Seleucia, radial, triangles, signal, dials, abort, words, lineages, Soviet, corpus, causes, uproars, Lenaeus, beasts, parade, releasing, story, phasm, aliases, linger, soon, Louise, realign, Antares, Rigel, exile, next, two, sites, paired, olive, raven, vainer, breast.

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