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Nostradamus C1 Q27: The Polar signs role in prophets coding scheme.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In the text there are typical references applicable to the revelation of Nostradamus' methods. And the anagrams bear the counter-image to this style of reference by delivering allusions to astronomy (Apep, polar signs) and his personal coding system ( Norse letter, life paper, include, gnosis).

#Gienah: Arabic name for star in wing of constellations called Corvus and Cygni. A legend has Cygnus searching for Phaeton after his friend was struck by lightning
#Apep: name of asteroid.
#gnosis: mystical enlightment or 'that which is known'.

The anagrams from which the understanding of this verse will come include:

genuine Duc life paper so espoused in each chain Gienah [Cygnus star] include Lucifer
Deſſouz de chaine Guien du ciel frappe

delegations aligned cachets each let[t]er restore de-escalating  lineaged caste
Non loing de la eſt cache le treſor

equip polar signs slices violates greatest paper
Qui par longs ſiecles auoit eſte grappe

torturous armour rural recoil restores cruel tower seeders
Trouue mourra, l'oeil creue de reſſort

Beneath the oak tree of Gienne, struck by lightning
the treasure is hidden not far from there.
That which for many centuries had been gathered,
when found, a man will die his eye pierced by a spear.  
< class="FrenchText" > Deſſouz de chaine Guien du ciel frappe
Non loing de la eſt cache le treſor
Qui par longs ſiecles auoit eſte grappe
Trouue mourra, l'oeil creue de reſſort

  1. <euclid Genuine><life paper induce><include / nuclide far><china / chain eSpouSeD zed><lucifer apep>
  2. <NorSe leter catcheS / cachetS dealing / leading><calech delegationS reStore><each leter caStle> aligned lineaged eScalated de-eScalating
  3. <polar Signs eQuip><Slices long pair> <apep greetS><Slice april song>gnoSis greateSt clause
  4. <uuroTe / Touuer reduce reStoreS leo armour><rural recoil><Seer reduce Torturous lie> roSterS / ResortS
  1. include / nuclide, escalated, de-escalating, torturous
  2. 'equip Polar', 'Polar signs', Gienah
  3. 'life paper', Lucifer, lineaged, espoused,
  4. genuine, delegations, escalate, Lucifer, greatest, gnosis
  5. cachets / catches, Polar sign,
  6. chained, cachet,
  7. rosters / resorts, catch, slices,
  8. leading /dealing, sorts, iceless,
  9. rural,
  10. Aeolus, reduce, greets/ egrets,
  11. rifle, recoil
  12. Florence, gates / stage, stupor / tupors, confer, lust
  13. Elouisa, restores
  14. castle
  15. -
  16. refail,
  17. Euclid, restore (diff line than restores), gets
  18. speeds,
  19. -
  20. aligned, China / chain
  21. -
  22. -
  23. doing, relic.

Key Ideas:

deescalating, torturous, life paper, include, Polar signs, Gienah, Lucifer, Apep, lineaged, equip, genuine, delegations, gnosis, restores, castle, aligned, Euclid, espoused, escalate, greatest, Lucifer, gnosis, leading, iceless, sorts, rifle, recoil, stage, confer, rural, lust.


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