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Nostradamus C1 Q31: General details about wars at a time of floods and crusades.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse delivers general details of the wars that take place at the end of this century. Its story relates to the three princes / three brothers who are members of the main family of the Jesus clones. Its wars relate to the early 22nd century when much of France is flooded.

The anagrams from which the key to this verse will come include:

rotten att'ndant angels urge engravers rules regularness
Tant d'ans les guerres en Gauledureront

Roman Quran love later oracle source succoured crusade moon lust
Oultre la courſe du Caſtulon monarque

Norn inventor contrive reticent garrison goriest denigrators scour 
Victoire incerte trois grands couronneront

Lune clock unlock so only Qamerun name solely Quran elegaic legacy
Aigle, coq, lune, lyon,ſoliel en marque.
The wars in France will last for so many years
beyond the reign of the Castulon kings.
An uncertain victory will crown three great ones,
the Eagle, the Cock, the Moon, the Lion, mark in the Sun
Tant d'ans les guerres en Gauledureront
Oultre la courſe du Caſtulon monarque
Victoire incerte trois grands couronneront
Aigle, coq, lune, lyon,ſoliel en marque.

L1: <Torrent uueld Gene regularness><seer urges Gundeal slanted><Torrent uuangled >uurangled

L2: <luSt on roman CruSade><alter Source><aS qoran real tOuuel SuCcoured> <oSCulant (joining) roman uSed><luSt CauSed quran moon reuolt> <uuar-CodeS alert / alter> erotic

L3: <reticent garrison contriVe to ire><recent riots><none scour denigrators> contortiVe inVentor integrators goriest neuron center

L4: <elegAic Qumran unloq><only Soil / oilS><unloq Qamerun legAci><name Solon lie>

1: contortive, regularness, succoured, uurangled, nonmoral, crusades, unlocq, qumran, leuuder,
2: equator-rule, osculant, goriest, touuel, cloq, locq,
3: denigrators, integrators, contrive, garrison, roarings, reticent,
4: uuar-codes, Qamerun,
5: cursed, 
6: inventor, elegaic, Tarento,
7: rule-out, Emaniel, leuud / uueld, marq,
8: crusade, renegers, legaci,
9: ,
10: rotter, caused, Solon,
11: gundeal, sourced / scoured, reurges,
12: Norman, lust,
13: glues,
14: tumor,
15: oracle, cartel / claret, enamel, serener,
16: remount, sperm,
17: torrent, soon,
18: -
19: moon,
20: -
221: -
22: Quoran, erotic, Qoran, Coq,
23: -.

Key Ideas:

regularness, succoured, nonmoral, crusades, unlock, qumran, osculant, equator-rule, goriest, towel, locq, denigrators, contrive, garrison /roarings, reticent ,war-codes, Qamerun, cursed, gundeal, inventor, cartel, Qoran, oracle, torrent, sperm, elegaic / legacy.



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