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Nostradamus C1 Q38: Da Vinci portrait pictures provide model for verse numeration.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Da_Vinci_Divine_wheelThe rarest anagrams in this verse present a compelling case for this verse being an interpretation of Leonardo daVinci's work. There are strong reasons why these works would be of more than casual interest to Nostradamus.

Nostradamus Verse C1 Q38 Divine portraiture approximate portents pictureThere are only singular anagrammatic occurrences for De Vinci, eucharises and portraitures. There is only one other verse holding an anagram for Pater-Noster and two others for picture. There are no anagrams for da vinci. Together they form a cluster suggesting we look at the religious works of the man called Da Vinci.

The anagrams from which the keys for this verse will come include:

1. Interpolators value picture ratios :
illegal portraitures capture Galilea
procurative prostration
2. Via consensual uses reassure person once Cauvin naive pressure wane
3. Pater-Noster crone cry has rarest Snorrian portents
4. DeVinci approximate diviner value uvhere Jeschua eucharises Proxima
The Sun and the Eagle will appear to the victor.
An empty answer assured to the defeated.
Neither bugle nor shouts will stop the soldiers.
Liberty and peace, if achieved in time through death
Le ſol et l'aigle au victeur paroiſtront
Reſponce vaine au vaincu lon aſſeure
Par cor ne crys harnois n'arreſteront
Vindicte paix par mors ſi acheue a l'heure

Our attention is quickly drawn to two vital aspects of Da Vinci's work by other rare anagrams in the lines of this verse. The first is an aspect already known to be of concern to Da Vinci, namely the proportion of squares and other geometric shapes that he considered divine or perfect. The second property is a strong suggestion that the works of Da Vinci use a code to indicate events yet to happen. But there is also a connection using such a scheme in poetry via the inclusion of rare anagrams for Germanic poetry terms such as stollen (verse form) and Snorrian (Snorri wrote Prose Edda).

Leonardo Da Vinci died in France in 1519 when Nostradamus was sixteen. The artist spent his latter years as guests of Francis I and Marguerite d' Angouleme at their court in Amboise and this combination of fame and these particular patrons would have drawn Nostradamus' interest. In the 1530's Nostradamus worked as a junior colleague to Jules Scaliger in Agen, situated on the Garonne River.

 Only a few hours walk away at Nerac was the court Of Marguerite and Francis and on one wall of the remnants of their ruined castle there now hangs a certificate written by Marguerite making Jules of Agen one of her medical advisors. It was in this court that many heretics of that time found shelter and in her salons people such as John Calvin freely canvassed new ideas. Anagrams for Garonne, Cauvin (aka Calvin) and Salon are all found in this verse.

L1: <picture ratio's value><or pure Stollen (German verse> ratio's><StoLen portraitures><capture riotS><galilea interpoLatorS Stole truce><~procurative riotS let galilea StoLen~><true proStration> <uproar evict><agile not tell LoSe airportS truce>

L2: <rue cave in via conSenSual peRSon><once via cauvin (Calvin) pReSSure Salon><once naive vau pReSSure Salon>

L3: <sharon restrainS Procreant><~sharon corner cry iran's Patron reSet~><a corner cry ions rare pOrtents><sharon reStore iran's cry><snorrian PaternoSter corner> rotten Part

L4: <de-Vinci euchariSes (draws Last Supper) approximate><each Is preindicatiVe a-uuheel><each iS a-uuheel rs diViner approximate><parix indict ape>pedantic depict unpredictiVe

1: un-depreciative, pre-indicative, interpolators, un-predictive, approximate, portraitures, procurative, prostration, consensual, eucharises, De Vinci, Jeschua, Proxima,
2: Pater-Noster, Snorrian, Harrys,
3: procreant, pedantic, vincula, picture, capture, cuprate, Sharon, cave,
4: restrains, incited, depict, Lucian,
5: divine,
6: portents, diviner, re-assure,
7: arsenous, stollen, portent, corner, value, shy,
8: Patterson, ligate, Parix / pairx,
9: Galilea, Salon's,
10: anions,
11: upset,
12: Cauvin, rapture, scry,
13: evict,
14: pix,
15: Garonne, single, Eloise, foil,
16: inaner,
17: restore,
18: cry,
19: -,
20: operant, Vau (2x)
21: -,
22: airports,
23: armor.

interpolators, approximate, portraitures, procurative, consensual, Da Vinci, eucharises, Proxima, Jeschua, prostration, Pater-Noster, Snorrian, picture, capture, Sharon, cave, depict, divine, portents, diviner, re-assure corner, value, Galilea, Salon's, upset, Cauvin, rapture, restore. airports, operant, armor.

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