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Nostradamus C1 Q47: Nostredame star image ciphers for Valoix lines.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is one of only two holding anagrams for destruction [also C.6 Q.11]. It is also the only verse to hold an anagram for positronium  a concept that is in keeping with modern technological activities in Lake Leman but which had not the slightest existence in the sixteenth century.

The verse offers several other intriguing links from which I claim Nostradamus' writings are an astronomic code. In addition its context and conformity with the visible message help to show how the anagrams amplify the detail of each verse.

See Astronomy pages and Geneva 2065 for further insight into the power and accuracy held in this verse.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

uncollated camel lesser name morse fans search  dual throne
Du lac Leman les ſermons faſcheront

Joves users introduce instructed particles destruction parts intrude lesser spectral map lines
Les jours ſeront reduicts par les ſepmaines
Utopians affused [poured] positronium ill iron utopism spy 
Puis moys, puis an, puis tous deffailliront
Nostradame starts adornment rules Valoix lines el Magisters star images  named
Les magiſtrats damneront leurs loix vaines.
The speeches of Lake Leman will become angered,
the days will drag out into weeks,
then months, then years, then all will fail.
The authorities will condemn their useless powers.
Du lac Leman les ſermons faſcheront
Les jours ſeront reduicts par les ſepmaines
Puis moys, puis an, puis tous deffailliront
Les magiſtrats damneront leurs loix vaines.
L1:<nameLeSs Search uncoLlated><cL [150] name leSser Dual throne><caLl leSser name> <fornameS manacLe lesS>

L2:<leSser Lines map past introduce><miLanese paperleSs destruction serjous><particles intrude LeSsen impaSse><miLanese introduce parts><LeSsen spectral impaSse>instructed

L3:<utopians spy Positronium [unstable electron + positron atom] is ill affused [poured out]><utoPism spy>

L4:<nostradame valoix Lines result (i)n Star images]> <~valoix Lines adornments Star images result~><via nameLess><startS named images>
1: positronium, undercloths, uncollated, magisters, studious, utopians, utopism, affused,
2: reintroduces, magistrates, enrolment, named-star, for-names, throned, straits, stigma, ageism / images, starts, sigma,
3: destruction, instructed, tinctured, particles, trillion, maleness / nameless (2x), manacle, sermons, inputs,
4: introducer, mandates, Valoix, ageisms, serjous, mossy,
5: Nostradame, adornment, resamples, paperless, spectral, impasse,
6: adornments, anchorets, ornament, input / Putin,
7: introduce / reduction, unrestored, feuds,
8: enseals, games, xvi,
9: Nostredam, intrude, untried, Jouers, artist / strait/ traits,
10: -,
11: Milanese,
12: posy, magi, call,
13: throne, heron, oilx / xoil,
14: chafes, pacts, start,
15: remands, enamel, damns,
16: chores, sermon,
17: rotund, turned, adult,
18: plaster / psalter,
19: norms, pains / Spain,
20: amends,
21: ousted,
22: camel, lessen (3x)
23: seminal, result,

Utopians, utopism, uncollated, positronium, undercloths, star images, fornames, starts, Magister, nameless destruction, particles, instructed, manacle, Valoix, throned, mandates, impasse, Nostradame, spectral, adornments, introduce, Milanese, throne, resamples, paperless, sermon Spain, ousted, camel, lessen, result.




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