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Nostradamus C1 Q49: The Eastern people who create havoc in the North.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse begins its text with 'Long before these happenings' which logically implies it is part of a sequence that makes reference to the preceding verses. The verse before this one refers to the end of the period his prophecies cover which in his Preface to Cesar 1555 (PCE6) he states is the year 3797. Hence this verse refers to a time long before that and notably its anagrams link into themes relevant to our own time (See my papers called Great mutations, Nuclear events and Floods).

The anagrams that provide the structural content of this verse include:
because Pau talent sell men semen mellees seen attune ellements
Beaucoup auant telles menees

parental / paternal vulture nucleaire used atropine predation proletarian protein  palaver
Ceux d'orient par la vertu lunaire

Milanese enforces forseen perfectness not grant memes
[cultural icons] grandest men see
L'an mil ſept cens feront grands emmenees

Belorusian busier supergiant parents sequel coequaling coinage Aquilon  quailing
Subiugant preſque le coing Aquilonaire
Long before these happenings
the people of the East, influenced by the Lunar
year 1700 will cause many to be carried away
and will almost subdue the Northern area.
Beaucoup auant telles menees
Ceux d'orient par la vertu lunaire
L'an mil ſept cens feront grands emmenees
Subiugant preſque le coing Aquilonaire
L1: <mellees seen taunt pau> <because semen><smell attune coup abuse>talent

L2: <iran proletarian vulture reducex><palaver orient uxed><travel part><pertain travel><nuClear-i uxe true predation>parental / paternal atropine (poisonous deadly nightshade)

L3: <forseen grant mends miLanese men><forsent man splentic dangers>< milan grandest perfectneSs on mm><mm Spelt grant enforces miLanese ends><Simple cent forsent mm danger lanes>

L4: <a Supergiant buSier /burieS lion><parent icon Sequel><parent coSequel quAiling on arieS> <coinAge querels (quarrels)><Supergiant urbaniSe oil> <oil iran uSe><beloruSian><gaunt preSequel burieS Aquilon (North wind)>
1: proletarian, perfectness, supergiant, vulture,
2: Belorusian, quailing, 
3: palaver, because, mellees,
4: nucleaire, enforces, smell,
5: predation, atropine, parental / paternal, coinage, quereles,
6: -
7: -
8: taunt, pauu,
9: splenetic, Aquilon, buries / busier,
10: gaunt,
11: Milanese, pointer / protein, ecoli, avert,
12: -
13: forseen, attune,
14: impels / simple, abuse,
15: remands, Selene,
16: bees,
17: pertain,
18: forsent, Milans, latent / talent,
19: reducex,
20: amends, inept,
21: -
22: spelt, Iona,
23: -.

Key Ideas:

 proletarian, perfectness, supergiant, vulture, Belorusian, quailing, because, nucleaire, palaver, enforces, mellees, smell, predation, paternal, atropine, coinage, splenetic, quereles, taunt, Aquilon, ecoli, buries, Milanese, protein, avert, forseen, abuse, attune, Selene, bees, pertain, forsent, reducex, Milans, talent, impels, amends, inept, spelt, Iona.

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