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Nostradamus C1 Q53: Asteroid minerals impact on ancient oil wells.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse has the only anagram for petroleum and its set well amongst a cluster that suggests an industrial mining device is linked to underpopulation. There is also an anagram for Thecla, a Saint whose rejection of the parental begetting role is consistent with the idea of underpopulation.

The anagrams from which the meaning of this verse can be drawn include:

equals no graver overrun prearranged underpopulate upend leanest petroleum Quantels overran
Las quon verra grand peuple tourmente

tolerant  Eulerian revelation loyalest antic reunite alloy as entice uranolite (asteroid) total 
Et la loy ſaincte en totale ruine

Thecla interest heretics parent toluate oils apertura Heracles richest outlets result
Par autres loix toute la Chreſtiente

owner owe Minque an odd regard granted tower on mine well turnout rotten grade
Quand d'or dargent trouue nouuelle mine.
Alas, how we will see a great nation sorely troubled
and the holy law in utter ruin.
Christianity (governed) throughout by other laws,
when a new source of gold and silver is discovered

Las quon verra grand peuple tourmente
Et la loy ſaincte en totale ruine
Par autres loix toute la Chreſtiente
Quand d'or dargent trouue nouuelle mine.

  1. <quanteLs [UK science diag equip manufacturer] overrun petroleum><quanteLs prearranged petroleum><no graver equals underpopulate>
  2. <loyalESt reuelation antic>< notate rule><~entice uranolitE [mod:A meteorite or aerolite} alloys aS tenet~><tolerant>
  3. <~oilx a heretiCS outlet a Parent result~><Thecla [St survived death 3 times] raPe a true intereSt>
  4. <ouuner ouue><neuu rotten><mine uuell><regard an odd minque[ mod: random statistic measure]>
1: underpopulate, mine-uuell
2: prearranged, reuelation, Saint-Peter, petroleum, overrun, graver,
3: thirteens, loyalest, theriacs, Iumelle,
4: tolerant, heretics, odd,
5: quantels, interest, rouu-one, Minque, Thecla, notate,
6: ungrappled, uranolite, allot,
7: turnout, toluate,
8: apertura, theirs, upped,
9: overran,
10: richest, Eulerian, Charles, alloys,
11: Heracles, reunite / uterine,
12: neuu,
13: equals, Gerard / regard, oilx,
14: tumor, soya,
15: -,
16: remount,
17: grandpa, Nouuell,
18: outlet, leanest, alloy / loyal, ouuner, uuell,
19: -,
20: -,
21: -,
22: Rachel,
23: result.

prearranged, petroleum, mine-well, underpopulate, graver, revelation heretics, overrun, loyalest, Quantels, interest, tolerant, Minque, richest, uranolite, alloys, Thecla, notate, allot, toluate, turnout, regard, apertura, overran, Eulerian, oils, Heracles, outlets, equals, well, owners, leanest, result.


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