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Nostradamus C1 Q58: His trances for the sea use chants about Hercules eleventh labor.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagrams providing the essential details missing from the text include:

texts Herculean trances eleventh  test retains streets aura executed near Austria
Tranche le ventre naiſtra auec deux teſtes

intrusive virus revisit a quartet square bears breakwater equalness
Et quatre bras; quelques ans entiers viura

Joves jets work quail oily Iraqu rebel Lesser-Bear sets bearers fees
Jour qui Alquiloye celebrera ſes feſtes

tunes enchiffre rarer usury seafronts ruin wayfarers stanniferous [tin ore] stones wary Nestorius enrich,
Foſſen, Turin chef Ferrare ſuyura
Through a slit in the belly a creature will be born with two heads
and four arms it will survive for some few years.
The day that Alquiloie celebrates his festivals
Fossana, Turin and the ruler of Ferrara will follow
Tranche le ventre naiſtra auec deux teſtes
Et quatre bras; quelques ans entiers viura
Jour qui Alquiloye celebrera ſes feſtes
Foſſen, Turin chef Ferrare ſuyura
L1: <eleven textS retain chanTers Star><retainS eleventh aura Trances executed><near eleventh Starset auStria executed> <hercvlean Strain enter textS Test><teSt reStraint eleven chanTers uxed><chanTers Sextet cued>

L2: <quartEt bars urEa insertive><square equalness intrusive ratE><entire virus equalness><an entries virus sequel><inverts breaquuaters equalness><equal barques intense virus><virus antiqueness equals quartEr-beat> sentries barter unresistive

L3: <rebel eraSes Joues feSt><~leSser-bear cey uuorq oil feeS Jets quail~><Sets bearers fees>

L4: <French-fear user><uuary oF SunSet><SeaFronTS ruin><SToneS ruin uuaFarerS><Ff enrich rarer use oF SunSet tune><So uuayFarerS enchiFfer rr TuneS><enchiFfer unrest><a rarer uSury SoFTenS ruin><STanniFerous (tin) uSury rarer> neSToriuS
1: stanniferous, breaquuaters, uuayfarers, intrusive, eleventh, eleven,
2: antiqueness, unresistive, Hercvlean, equalness, Lesser-Bear, quartet, revisit, virus, auury, uuary, texts,
3: enchiffre, insertive, reinvites, barques, sextet,
4: chanters, tranches, unrests, starset, uneases, tests, jets,
5: squalene, sentries, uuorq, unrest,
6: seafronts, sequela, uury,
7: Nestorius, executed, reinvest, charnel, intenser, Austria, enrich / Henric, barter, usury, celeb, cey,
8: streets, vestri / strive, sunset,
9: inverts, Levent, incur / runic,
10: nitrates / straiten, Cretans / trances,
11: bearers,
12: bearer,
13: equals, onsets / stones,
14: rarer,
15: -
16: chanter, intense, quill, niche,
17: queans, duetx,
18: -
19: Taura,
20: -
21: -
22: Iraqu, rebel,
23: -

stanniferous, breakwaters, antiqueness, intrusive, wayfarers, eleventh, Hercvlean, equalness, Lesser-Bear, quartet, eleven, texts, revisit, enchiffre, wary, barques, virus, chanters, tests, jets, sentries, work, seafronts, unrest, Nestorius, sequela, executed, inverts, Austria, intenser, usury, enrich, Levent, streets, barter, sunset, runic, trances, quill, bearers, strive, equals, rarer, stones, niche.


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