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Nostradamus C1 Q74: Incidents linked to sects that change DNA of viruses.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In Nostradamus Prophecies there are a large group of verses whose anagrams are explicable as the future history of medical and scientific cloning experiments by various sects from the middle of the 21st century and beyond. This verse is one of them and it pursues the idea that a sect develops a radioactive treatment of viruses which is used by oil rich companies without due regard to its impact on mankind.

Anagrams from which the keys will come include:

note pen repair sees Jove rune govern rogue
Apres ſejourne vogueront en epire

enlarged sources divine narratives echo inchoate Anchorites versation uncodes viscerous virus chlorinates dangers
Le grand ſecours viendra vers Antioche

ardent foe of Templar metal peril pretenders fear proline relics temporal  preselection
Le noir poil, creſpe tendra fort a l'empire

abhorrence  in subterrain echo barbed barren area rouses its airborne breach
Barbe d'aerain ſe rouſtira en broche
After a rest they will sail to Epire,
great help coming from around Antioch.
The curly haired king will strive greatly for the empire
the brazen beard will be roasted on a spit.
Apres ſejourne vogueront en epire
Le grand ſecours viendra vers Antioche
Le noir poil, creſpe tendra fort a l'empire
Barbe d'aerain ſe rouſtira en broche

L1: <~pen (scribe) note rogue repAirs joveS-rune ~><govern joueS Spear>

L2: <Anchorites (sect of women who have retired from world) enLarge virus codeS><chLorinAtes Sources invader danger> <Large nArratives echo viScerous end><he enLarged vervandis Source creAtions><unvisored aScend><vAcationers danger Sources driven>

L3: <emperial fort a proLine (Short for Pyrrolidine) oil precedentS> <pretend relicS of a templar><one metal preSented for a periL><temporal end reSpect far><oil pretences><parented prime tale for relicS>pretenderS pretendS pericleS (5th C BCE Gk orator) impel percentileS

L4: <Barbed area Suit norSe abhorrence><Breach iranS air borne routeS><Senior barbed area subterrain echo~><uraniteS Breach rob ore bed in area><breach retain arSenious orb><he Stir our bercanco (Runic letter B)><neStoriuS (5thC BCE archbishop of Contantinople) barren echo><in abdera (Thrace) carburetionS

1: carburetions, airborne, chlorinates, abhorrence, subterrain, narratives, precedents, govern, inchoate, 
2: preselection, vacationers, Anchorites, Vervandi's, unvisored, Bercano, Corvus, virus,
3: percentiles, viscerous, pretenders, temporal, pretences, Pericles, vogue, barren,
4: versation, urbanites, presented, serjous, breach, barbed, beach, brahe,
5: arsenious, uncodes, suitor,
6: preselect, Templar, proline,
7: creations / reactions, Nestorius, actions, pretends,
8: servant, abrade / Abdera, ravens,
9: perimele, Jouers, 
10: recoils, pretend,
11: deacons, sourced / scoured, action, recoil,
12: emperial, parented, creeps, Clio,
13: relics, 
14: borne,
15: aeria,
16: ascend / decans / dances, Joue,
17: uranites,
18: respect / sceptre / spectre, enroute,
19: bared / bread,
20: sources,
21: Erbian,
22: Bearn,
23: impel, relic.

Key Ideas:

airborne, chlorinates, abhorrence, subterrain, narratives, precedents, govern, inchoate, preselection, Anchorites,  virus, percentiles, viscerous, temporal, pretences, Pericles,  barren, versation, presented, serious, breach, uncodes, Templar, creations.


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