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Nostradamus C1 Q80: On the mortal being of Christ and N's modern concept of hell.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse carries an anagram for Sefirot which fits well to the text in the first line since the Sefirot has ten spheres and the sixth (Tiferet) is associated with light (See Sephirot Code). The allegory in the rest of the text is about fiery battles between different ideologies.

One of the most notable of the anagrams is the family name of Nostradamus used alongside others in the third line that form the phrase 'hides Nostredame best use'.

Other anagrams of import are those for Nestorians and Arianists which are groups whose ideologies are united in their recognition of Jesus' mortal condition.

The theme of the verse seems to be about Nostradamus' personal view on the creation of grace and light with sinners condemned to infernos. In his last line Nostradamus projects these ancient ideas into our near future with the infernos delivered by man's latest devices.

Anagrams fro this verse include:

nine (ix)  ideals idealises axis mixes replicas seem plenaries miracles endure reflected fleet
De la ſixieſme claire ſplendeur celefte

evening ordinate is for Sinner fires infernos frontiers notable labour gong
Viendra tonner ſi fort en la Bourgongne

Nostredame demonstrates roman Star hides best use puniest Arianists set up Nestorianism heirs
Puis naiſtra monſtre de tres hideuse beste

and chaptering Roentgen German auras Ursa-Maj-ruling ruralism pointer
Mars  Auril  May  Juin grand charpin et rongne.
From the sixth bright celestial light
it will come to thunder very strongly in Burgundy.
Then a monster will be born of a very hideous beast
In March, April, May and June great wounding and weeping.

De la ſixieſme claire ſplendeur celefte
Viendra tonner ſi fort en la Bourgongne
Puis naiſtra monſtre de tres hideuse beste
Mars, Auril, May, Juin grand charpin et rongne.
  1. <fleet iDeals reduce plenarieS [final] mixeS><~axiS i led unreflecteD miracleS / reclaimS Sleep~><replicaS / caliperS Seem> <perilS endure><left cure perilS need> reflect-/ed perSia iSrael Deflates
  2. <infernoS ordinate><our notaBle fireS><neStorian rend goVerning> <laBour frontierS><our eVening go><if nonreStrained><for notable Sinner> Sefirot
  3. <Supine trainS hide noStredame best use><~romanS be uPset deter tree his Saints used~><arianiSts be upset use hides deterrentS><demonStrate heirs used Puniest bee Strain> animatorS theirs
  4.  <rurAlism ruing Jay rontgen naMe><phaneric Magnetron><nor parthenic [unmarried] gerMans AMyluria [excess of starch]><nitrogen Auras parch Men> protein /pointer


  1. unreflected, reflect. reflected, deflate(s), non-restrained, governing, 'best use', Arianists [Believe Jesus a mortal], demonstrate, ruralism
  2. replicas / spiracle / calipers, notable, Jay, parthenic, magnetron, amyluria
  3. miracles / reclaims, animators, Nostredame, deterrents, phaneric
  4. mixes, evening, infernos, hides
  5. puniest, heirs, ruing
  6. frontier, sinner
  7. labour, Germans
  8. theirs, Rontgen
  9. hide
  10. reduce, axis
  11. Nestorian, upset, pointer / protein
  12. plenaries, fleet, Sefirot, parch
  13. -
  14. ordinate
  15. -
  16. -
  17. -
  18. -
  19. auras, left
  20. ideals, fires

Key Ideas:

Arianists, ruralism, demonstrates, best use, Nostredame, hides, notable, Nestorianism, ievening, infernos, unreflected, replicas, mixes, miracles, Germans, puniest, heirs, ruing, fronter, sinner, labour, theirs, reduce, Rontgen, axis, pointer ordinates, auras left, fleet, fires, ideals.




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