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Nostradamus C1 Q85: The strong woman who reacts to the untimely death of her husband.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

There is a theme running throughout the Prophecies showing that Nordic verse was one of Nostradamus' major sources and this verse shows distinct hints of the story of Troy found in the Prose Edda. Quatrain C10 Q25 is also one of these and it reflects on the role of Hector's wife after his death. This present verse and the one following it (C1 Q86) align to this theme. In the current verse the anagrams say once dreamed encoded dream made Troy our personal pallbearers . 

The story in this verses text is a metaphor for events that unfolded in the 16th century and for an event that will emerge later in our century. Each involves a strong minded woman brought to the fore through the untimely death of a husband. In the 16th century the tale is that surrounding Jeanne d'Albrecht, rebel queen of a minor state, whose son would become King Henry IV of France. She was the daughter of Marguerite d'Angouleme (See C1 Q86) .

This verse is used in my paper on Jeanne d'Albrecht.

The anagrams in the verse from which the focus can be drawn include:

once dreamed encoded dream made Troy our personal pallbearers
Par la reſponce de dame Roy trouble

Mabassa assured impress prisoner virulent premises measured
Ambassadeurs mes priſeront leur vie

bell dangers enlarged refers confederator enforcers laboured
Le grand Ses freres contrefera double

rumour anti-heroine Jeanne envy reaped
Par deux mourront ire, haine, enuie
The king is troubled by the queen's reply.
Ambassadors will fear for their lives.
The greater of his brothers will doubly disguise his intent
two of them will die through anger, hatred and envy.
Par la reſponce de dame Roy trouble
Ambassadeurs mes priſeront leur vie
Le grand Ses freres contrefera double
Par deux mourront ire, haine, enuie.
L1: <contempoRary-deed our PallbearerS encoded><once moRe try edda PallbearerS> <our PallbearerS troy dame encode><~perSonal dream cede tRoy Pourable~><once troy blue proSe dReamed>

L2: <~a virulent beAm assured roSe impress~><measured priSoners sAmbas><premiSes assured sAmba><presumes assad rise<mAbassa prioreSs resumed><~mAbassa demurs rivulet repreSSion~>

L3: <~Sends confederator refers blue graeL / Large~><enforcers fret laboured enLarged><beLl frees dangers>aLlergen

L4: <on their rumourx draPe><~uxe unPaired ee in anti-hero rumor~><ieanne Paired heir not rumourx>
1: contemporary-deed, confederator, anti-heroine, pallbearers, enforcers, rumourx, rivulet, encoded,
2: code-named, virulent, anti-hero, presumes, respires, Jeanne,
3: repression, prisoners, pourable, laboured, impresses, Prioress, measured, resumes, decade, ceded,
4: interlopers, outer-lines, premises, 
5: Mabassa, prisoner, impress, dreamed, resumed,
6: their, Assad,
7: -
8: allergen,
9: Sumers,
10: personal, assured,
11: -
12: encode,
13: resume, bass, 
14: -
15: paired,
16: unrepaid / unpaired, sperm,
17: beam,
18: sends,
19: primes,
20: -
21: rouble,
22: Medea,
23: -

Key Ideas:

anti-heroine, contemporary-deed, confederator, enforcers, rumours, pallbearers, encoded, virulent, anti-hero, Jeanne, presumes, repression, prisoners, laboured, measured, decade, Prioress, resumes, interlopers, ceded, premises, Mabassa, prisoner, dreamed, impress, their, beam, Assad, sends, assured, encode, Sumers, personal, allergen. 

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