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Nostradamus C1 Q89: Biological warfare between oil and atomic energy reliant states.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The names of ancient defenders of national values in emerging states dominate the anagrams of this verse and it is this that gives sense to the text which then becomes Nostradamus background briefing on future wars between Spain, France and Germany.

The anagrams in the verse from which the focus can be drawn include:

excused idler exiled seer Norse resonated lands Saloman outsell
Tous ceux de Ilerde ſeront dans la Moſelle

excused excludes oil atom-treatment eternise enemies
Mettant a mort tous ceux de Loire et Seine

source closure Ursa-Minor invader Phaedrus shared Theudas level 

Le cours marin viendra pres d'haute velle

equine vet shape Athens phages pathogens pages long slow langorous rows Solon ratio outrate
Quant Hespagnols ouurirat oute veine
# Phaedrus: interlocutor in debates with Socrates.
# Solon: 6th century BCE legislator against Athenian political, economic decline.
# Peshat: Hebrew 'direct' reading and translation technique.
# Theudas: Jewish rebel led revolt in 44-46 CE.
# Ormus: 10th to 17th century kingdom around Gulf of Hormuz in Southern Iran.
Those of Lerida will be in the Moselle,
kill all those from the Loire and Seine.
The seaside track will come near the high valley,
when the Spanish open every route.
Tous ceux de Ilerde ſeront dans la Moſelle
Mettant a mort tous ceux de Loire et Seine
Le cours marin viendra pres d'haute velle
Quant Hespagnols ouurirat oute veine
L1: <Seer not relIed scouT lands uxe> <endorSe stand relIed> <reSIled excused> <SalMonellas> <SaloMan Sell> <elderS reSonated> <cue sellout SoMe exiled>

L2: <eneMieS excused tree oiL> <mortant scout oiL exude enemieS tree> <excLude stout matron>excludes eterniSe atom

L3: <~scour preinvader Level in theudas arm~><~Level source spread driven in thau arm~><ursa-minor phaedrus (Aesop) driven> level cLosure> <held-the-value> <ormus heads iran pre-invader><Theudas racemuLose (small bunches) level in vine> uranivms-core

L4: <soul /slouu patHogens><langourous ratio> <Haunt eQuine vet> <solon pHages (bacterium)> <langourous pesHat (1 of 4 classical Jewish reading methods)> <sHape long rouus ratio> <slouu pathogens eQuant vein> along unglorious
1: unglorious, langourous, pathogens, Phaedrus, Peshat,
2: racemulose, rosarium, phages, Athens,
3: Saloman, Theudas / Thadeus, herds, level,
4: gaps,
5: shared,
6: resonated, eternise, exiled, enemies, haunt, phase / shape,
7: excludes, 
8: slouu,
9: armours, resiled, Hades / heads / shade,
10: Salome, Solon,
11: ratio, 
12: oiled, diex,
13: equine, pangs,
14: exclude, closure, rouus, pages, then, Seth, gap,
15: -
16: endorse, scout (2x), Ormus, Oslo,
17: drapers, relied,
18: excused, shed,
19: -
20: stout,
21: Amos, souu,
22: solute, atom, had,
23: -

unglorious, langourous, racemulose, phages, pathogens, Phaedrus, Peshat, rosarium, Athens, Saloman, Theudas , shared, pages, level, rows, resonated, eternise, exiled, enemies, haunt, excludes, slow, phase, Hades, Salome, Solon, resiled, armours, ratio, oiled, equine, pangs, Seth, endorse, gap, scout, Ormus, Oslo, drapers, relied, excused, solute, atom, had.




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