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Nostradamus C2 Q6: Advent of war comes with troops under-resourced.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is included in the discussion of Nostradamus on War. It is the tale of cities that are underprepared for the advent of war. Although its tone implies it is about events relevant to the future it takes place in cities that are reliant on horses for transport. This suggests it is either a third-world country or involves a time when the ease of transport we enjoy is no longer possible.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

persuade oppressed ports protested dead Eddan used [e]xcites pastures seed
Au pres deſportes et dedans deux cites

unlest volunteers fluxed deuterons false use consequent conquest span Apep pulverescent curve
Seront deux fleaux et oncques n'apperceu vn tel

Fates subtones aim Eddan adeptness demands ogres freed horse bones
Faim dedans peſte de fers hors gens boutes

couriers resource wars source dreading divine mm [2000] relic rot.
Crier ſecours au grand Dieu immortel.
Near the gates and within two cities
There will be two scourges the like of which was never seen
Famine within plague, people put out by steel,
Crying to the great immortal God for relief.
Au pres deſportes et dedans deux cites
Seront deux fleaux et oncques n'apperceu vn tel
Faim dedans peſte de fers hors gens boutes
Crier ſecours au grand Dieu immortel.
  1. <oppreSsed Auxetics (contra expansion material) retested and used><~cites uxe perSuAdes sadden protested~><saddened set deportS><pAsture Seed><tested / detest>detested pAsteurised
  2. <deuteron (hydrogen isotope) flex pulvereScent span><consequent paper cue><volunteerS pan conquest creep><reSolvent cure fluxed>
  3. <~ogres deFeatism deepeSt sand fresh bonus~><horse feeds amid Foetus adeptness><deepeSt ogres fresh demands bonus Feast /Fates> <disFame herefords adeptneSs><horse feed Steps damned> <diadem aptneSs>subtones
  4. <Dreading uuars reliC Source> <augurs drained><reliC reSources><trommel [size screening device] diuide> reCircleS
1: pulverescent, pasteurised, volunteers, resolvent, oppressed, recircles, horsefeed, detested, fresh,
2: pasteurise, defeatism, Herefords, adeptness, auxetics, subtones, saddened, trommel, diadem, diuide,
3: conquest, eluxate, foetus,
4: protested, praepuce, subtone, disfame, unaided, Iapetus, retested, augurs, bosun, bonus,
5: consequent, resources, raucous, Bossuet,
6: dreading, demands, defers, amid,
7: datedness, resource, feted,
8: deports, Petraeus, fluxed, flux, flex,
9: unraided, demand / damned, bouts, dated,
10: upside, yuan, vote / veto,
11: deepest, gores / ogres,
12: deuteron, detest / tested, bones, cxi / xci,
13: persuades, fuelx, aimed / Midea, imm / mmi,
14: uuars,
15: aptness, posed, feast, fates,
16: drained,
17: queans, duetx,
18: pasture, speeds, crier,
19: bout,
20: sources, defer / freed, died,
21: pressed,
22: creep,
23: relose, relic,

oppressed, volunteers, dreading, wars, resolvent, pulverscent, , conquest, consequent, demands, resources, protested, adeptness, saddened, horse feed, pasture seed, Herefords, disfame, deepest, sources, freed, Deuteron, fuelx, fates.



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