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Nostradamus C2 Q16: The advent of atomic war changes battle and burial practices.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The following verse relates to the changes needed in the ethics of war and the necessities of death as the weapons of our times become widely used.

The anagrams providing the keys for the understanding of this verse include:

mercies ill layers causes plan planes ampler crimes sell years assurance
Naples Palerme Sicille Syracuses

Now we owe ray USA try urge fans refuse gulf refugees select ones excel
Nouueaux tyrans fulgures feux celeſtes

forced olden dangers drug-band rules sell set uses of foreclosed creed
Force de Londres Gand Bruxelles et Suſes

freest greatnesss detach grandest chantmode timbre each tomb be hatched atom combat he import afire
Grand hecatombe triomphe faire feſtes
Naples, Palermo, Sicily, Syracuse,
New tyrants, celestial lightning fires
Force from London, Ghent, Brussels and Susa,
Great slaughter, triumph leads to festivities.
Naples, Palerme, Sicille, Syracuses
Nouueaux tyrans, fulgures feux celeſtes
Force de Londres, Gand, Bruxelles et Suſes
Grand hecatombe, triomphe faire feſtes
L1: <mercieS plaN leaPs ill yearS><yellS aPples assuraNce><ill yearS crimeS ceNsus aPpeals><ill crimeS causes plaN elaPse><Secularly resamPles plaNes><cursa (Eridanus dim white star) Paler paleNess>saucepaNs

L2: <uxa fans try Select regulus (brightest star in Leo -blue) fuxe><gulf refuse><uxa refuse try fungals><uue urge try fuse Notes uxa excelS>teNuouS refuges

L3: <uSeS danGers Foreclosed Burdenx><reFocuSSes oLden steel danGers><creed uSes olDen rulex for steels Band><~exurB (rich suburban band around city) set Forced sell uSeS oLden danGers~>

L4: <teach mob danGers feSter><atom he import be afire><stranGe timber cathode freeS> <cathode timbre GreatneSs><air he import each tomb Grandest feeS><he combat fire danGers><tiber atom><detach mob anGers>
1: chantmode, foreclosed, refocusses, secularly, saucepans, Syracuse, cathode, fungals, 
2: creed of, mercies, slyer, crimes,
3: assurance, drug-ban, paleness, Regulus, refuges, forced, timber / timbre, excels, census, layers / relays / slayer, gulf,
4: detach,
5: resamples, arch-dean, import, recode,Ulug, fuses,
6: appeals,
7: apples, exurb, cill, rays,
8: resample, causes, yarns,
9: forces, hand,
10: -
11: sampler, harden,
12: tenuous, refuse, dregs,
13: onsets / stones, plans, 
14: -
15: cursa, foes,
16: -
17: greatness, combat, gets,
18: Timor, freest, creed, 
19: grades, brand, elapse / please, tribe / Tiber,
20: years,
21: -
22: cheat / teach, atom,
23: tomb.

chantmode, foreclosed, refocusses, Syracuse, creed of, mercies, slyer, crimes, assurance, drug-ban, paleness, census, forced, timber, refuges, detach, layers, gulf, import, arch-dean, resamples, saucepans, fungals, fuses, apples, dregs, harden, tenuous, rays, elapse, causes, forces, refuse, hand, combat, Tiber, foes, plans, years, greatness, gets, freest, creed, grades, stones, teach, brand, atom, tomb.




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