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Nostradamus C2 Q18: A radioactive metal bubble leads to financial and moral crises.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In this verse Nostradamus selects two examples from the 500 year period that constitutes the 'present' in his past, present, future use of time. One of these is the Dutch tulip bubble of 1637 and it is included in the anagrams as a guidance to a crash in metals during the near future. The second example draws on the speeches of 16th century preachers on the causes of moral decline. The celestial stones mentioned in the fourth line of text is a reference to radioactive elements and it is these elements that are the basis of the bubble and the moral crisis.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

impute by time newest use now well pellet wise
Nouuelle et pluie ſubite impetueuse

cemetries episteme executrix searches Baius prescheme debit crashes
Empeſchera ſubit deux exercites

reprice life feel failures efflux emperial empire riper male reuse
Pierre ciel feux faire la mer pierreuſe

mortal seed bestial subnormalities pretested metals antiserum suitable urbanities sublimates Emirate in Insubria
La mort de ſept terre et marin ſubites

# Insubria: ancient region around Milan.
Michael Baius (1513 - September 16, 1589) was the founder of 16thC Baianism; a mixture of Catholic orthodoxy and unconscious tendencies to Protestantism.
episteme: Greek for knowledge or science (from 'that which is known').
New, impetuous and sudden rain
Will suddenly halt two armies.
Celestial stone, fires make the sea stony,
The death of seven by land and sea sudden.
Nouuelle et pluie ſubite impetueuse
Empeſchera ſubit deux exercites
Pierre ciel feux faire la mer pierreuſe
La mort de ſept terre et marin ſubites
L1: <imp Neuuest uuileS ouue pellet bite><impute uuileS use oNe bite uuell>

L2: <breadthuuiSe x re-excites><bauudieSt cheerS emptiEs><Episteme Subedit Search><Speech mEts bit urSa uxed><exectutrix Speech sEem><Subedit uxe sEmite preacheS><~uxex cEmetries Speech Subedit era><Speech re-excites bit urSa exude>

L3: <creePier life uSe aerial fuxe><emperial reuSer efflux air reSpire ice><premier aerial uSe efflux ice>afire

L4: <maLes proteSted antiSerum bit><metaLs / SubLimates Stored><tetrameter SubnormaLities reSted><preteSted in buSiest mortaL><~tetrameter Speed ruinS mortaLs bite~><suitabLe Stormed><bestiaL uraniSm><inSubria Least> <meter urbanities preteSted><buSiest mortaL raiment><mortaLise preteSted meter>
1: antiserum, sublimates, subnormalities, executrix, pretested, bauudiest, tetrameter, urbanism, Insubria, flaxier, creepier, efflux, impute,
2: breadth-uuise, urbanities, sublimate, bi-metals, cemetries, exciters, neuuest, tulip, uxex,
3: Martinus, reexcites, suitable, Baius,
4: protested,
5: preaches, stormed, bestial, morals,
6: uuest, uuet,
7: reexcite, episteme, rexcite, speech, abuser, suueet,
8: mortalise, subedit, Emirate, pellet, debit, afix, hears,
9: mortals, searches, Aschere / reaches,
10: raiments, busiest, Salome,
11: ruins,
12: emperial, metals,
13: cheers, fuelx,
14: empties,
15: bites,
16: refail,
17: Nouuell, raiment, duetx, aerial,Ieuus/ uuise,
18: moral, uuell, crier,
19: uuiles, reiect / recite,
20: respire,
21: chasers / crashes,
22: mortal,
23: -

executrix, pretested, antiserum, sublimates, subnormalities, breadth-wise, bawdiest, tetrameter, efflux, Insubria, creepier, impute, cemetries, newest, urbanities, Martinus, tulip, stormed, West, Baius, protested, episteme, preaches, bestial, morals, sweet, speech, re-excite, abuser, Emirate, subedit, suitable, aerial, pellet, afix, searches, mortalise, busiest, fuelx, emperial, Jews, hears, metals, debit, crashes, Nowell, cheers, ruins, mortals.



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