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Nostradamus C2 Q19: The fate of the Eastern lands differs from that of the West.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse irelates to the scene of devastation that occurs at the end of the 21st century. It implies that the middle east remains viable despite various catastrophic events, a scenario which is in keeping with a world flooded to 220 metres above the current sea-level.

The anagrams that allow the text to be better understood include:

deafness once wave vex unveils unissuable evils suitable dynasts nasty defences
Nouueaux venus lieu baſty ſans defence

Shinar banish cohabitable cup Capella real palace Polar inhabits
Occuper la place parlors inhabitable

ill spell prepared Paracelsian appliances Piscean romanizes 
Prez, maiſons chaps villes predre a plaiſance

unprolongable fable aim guest gesture empties rarer pen non-legal labour
Faim Peſte guerre arpen long labourable

# Shinar: a biblical geographical locale of uncertain boundaries in ancient Mesopotamia.
# Parcae: the three women Nona, Decima and Morta who personify destiny in ancient Roman mythology- equivalent to Fates, Norns and Moiras of other cultures.
Newcomers, place built without defense,
Place occupied then uninhabitable
Meadows, houses, fields, towns to take at pleasure
Famine, plague, war, extensive land arable.
Nouueaux venus lieu baſty ſans defence
Occuper la place parlors inhabitable
Prez, maiſons, chaps, villes predre a plaiſance
Faim Peſte guerre arpen long labourable
L1: <~uxa Nouu unveils defences naSty abuSe~><~naSty defences vex oN uniSsuable uuaue~><deafnesS Suitable oNce Sun uuaue vex><dynaSts unveils uxa abuSe><uuaue xv (15) uuitneSsable>deafenS

L2: <capella pure brainish polar table><bi shinar (Sumerian> polar table><paler palace cup cohabitable irons><bathin (Duke of Hell) polariser><or parcae able banish it>< binah (3rd Seph) table polariser>

L3: <~paracelSian Peers aim red spell vi (six or four) chaps Sons~><applianceS re-read / dearer spell iv (4)><Scions maze><prepared sell><romanizeS Piscean><aSian plea> lepers

L4: <~rare Fable urge SteeP aim unprolongable~><rare pen urge long Fable PaStime labour ><reaper urge Fable PaStime nonglobular><rare pen labour long Fable imP a geSture~>bologna guest
1: unprolongable, nonglobular, uuitnessable, Paracelsian, appliances, unissuable, romanizes, Bologna, dynasts, defences, unveils, Shinar, stays,
2: inhabitable, issuable / suasible, deafness, scions,
3: nonlegal, suitable, bitable, prepared, Capella, banish, defence, stay,
4: fenced, ebola, apace,
5: inhabit, presell, Venux, fable, guest,
6: abthain, peerz,
7: pastime, Bathin, labour, deafens, Binah, nasty, abuts,
8: Piscean, spiller, palace, maze,
9: gesture,
10: Parcae, shin,
11: -
12: parole,
13: clap,
14: empties, abuse, rarer,
15: fence,
16: -
17: dearer / reader / reared, feeds, gets,
18: chaps / Pasch, ounce, table,
19: reargue, uuiles,
20: habit,
21: parcel, alias,
22: place, creep,
23: Asia.

unprolongable, Paracelsian, appliances, romanizes, nonglobular, deafness, Bologna, dynasts, defences, unveils, Shinar, stays, cohabitable, nonlegal, scions, prepared, suitable, defence, banish, issuable, fable, guest, stay, presell, pastime, labour, nasty, gesture, deafens, Capella, abuts, Piscean, palace, Parcae, maze, empties, abuse, rarer, fence, feeds, dearer, table, reargue, wiles, place, Asia, creep.



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