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Nostradamus C2 Q27: Influences on the Prophets' life paper and his Crusade.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The following verse is another of those where Nostradamus gives detail on the manner in which his Prophecies were constructed. There is a phrase Nostradamus' repeats which unifies verses about the mutations originating from space. This term is 'du ciel frappe' ('struck from the sky'.) I believe this is meant to be a cipher for 'life paper' and 'Lucifer / Apep'. This is discussed in greater detail in my papers titled Apophis and Fire in the Sky.

The anagrams providing the missing detail for this verse include:

life papers crusade divine-rule bearers Lucifer Apep re-applied
Le diuin verbe ſera du ciel frappe

Quint open our uproar coder creed recoupled proceed usual warplans
Qui ne pourra proceder plus auant

rude seer learnt reselect cleanest test powered eternal reuse
Du reſerant le ſecret eſtoupe

roman carrhae (losing battle) parades duress spreads surpassed unseated count attuned
Qu'on marchera par deſſus et deuant

C2 Q27

The divine word will be struck from the sky,
One who cannot proceed any further:
The secret closed up with the revelation
Such that they will march over and ahead.

Le diuin verbe ſera du ciel frappe
Qui ne pourra proceder plus auant
Du reſerant le ſecret eſtoupe
Qu'on marchera par deſſus et deuant

  1.  <life cruSade be divine-rule paper><veber readS in lucifer apep><paper bearS divine-ruLe><reappLied life cruSade>

  2. <paulus creed uproar open Quaint><uuarplanes code><lauus proceed><Quaint pursual recode uproar

  3. <alertneSS pouuereD><eternal Secret><Select><cleaneSt><eaStern Set reSelect>

  4. < archer duet surpaSSed Quanto><attuned parade uSeS archer><reach roman><monarch>
1: reapplied,
2: uuarplanes, recoupled, surpassed, precoder, spouted, Quentin, life crusade, proceed,
3: underrates / unserrated, life paper, preclude, pouuered, pursual,
4: Lucifer, parades,
5: pouuder, prelude, recode,
6: divine-rule, unliveried, cleanest, unseated, reselect, lauus, usual,
7: encharm, debaser, breve, 
8: monarch, Quanto, crusade, Paulus, parade,
9: alertness,
10: attuned / taunted, assured, diuine,
11: Quintan, carrhae, spreads, bearers, spout, rifle,
12: repulsed / preludes, verb,
13: eparch / preach, duress, 
14: pleasured,
15: rebase,
16: charmer / marcher, refail, repour, bees,
17: Euclid, eternal,
18: leanest, creed,
19: -,
20: Nasau,
21: -,
22: -,
23: -.

warplanes, reapplied, surpassed, recoupled, life paper, crusade, Quentin, proceed, underrates, parades, Lucifer, preclude, powered, pursual, recode, divine-rule, reselect, usual, laws, cleanest, encharm, monarch, attuned, parade, carrhae, rifle, bearers, spreads, alertness, assured, divine, eparch, repulsed, duress, pleasured, charmer, Euclid, leanest, creed, eternal.




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