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Nostradamus C2 Q29: The asteroid remnant hunt that ends in tragedy.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is one of only five that contain an anagram of asteroid (rtira_de_So) and alongside that anagram is one for solar (al_Sor). Using this as the focus it is possible to see an explanation of the text with the Easterner being the asteroid and his seat being the sun. It is the asteroid that brings about the change to our planet. In the other anagrams we see that it will cause glacial ice to melt leaving the granite morain scattered across the countryside. This comet is one Nostradamus saw as being linked to the story of the Grail but its link is once again stated as being not beneficial. At a time early after its fall the media offer a cash reward remnants that spurs a manic search.

The anagrams providing the details to expand the text of this verse include:

asteroids ordinates adroitness seeing Essenoi legioneers relations
L'Oriental ſortira de ſon ſiege

pleuralgia plagues mortalness lesser omens nine pennants valorising royal vision pleasures
Paſſer les monts apennins voir la Gaule

parents partners clearer lie sell ease next use entreating presagient carpenters
Tranſpercera le ciel les eaux et neige

League event cash furnac[e] paper appeared as eventual adages
Et vn chaſcun frappera de ſa gaule
The Easterner will leave his seat,
To pass the Apennine mountains to see Gaul:
He will transpire the sky, the waters and the snow
And everyone will be struck with his rod.
L'Oriental ſortira de ſon ſiege
Paſſer les monts apennins voir la Gaule
Tranſpercera le ciel les eaux et neige
Et vn chaſcun frappera de ſa gaule
L1: <~SonS tirade Orient Solar Liege~><Seeing Solar aSteroid Orient><relationS rOLe iS Solar ordinateS> <eSSenoi rOLe entail arid Sort><Leo's adroitneSS reLegatiOn><LiegOneer is Solar ordinateS><Orient SonS also tarried>

L2: <past omens envision Graal><solemn PleaSureS Graal envision><pennants morsel Graal vision elaPSeS><a leSSer Plague> <temporalness valorising laPSeS> <enn PaSS solemner Graal past vision><mortalneSSes Plague apes>PleuralGia (pain in rib region)

L3: <next preSagient clearer><clear lease enTreating uxe ice creeps ><argentine peerS sell real clear ice><parTners clear ice gene-exit><parenTS genetix career><inTeger Span clearer ice><ice glacier-reentraps><graniTeS next creep clear leaves ice>

L4: <paper caSh fun readS Eventual c (100) adageS><francuS Saga appeared><a redSea lEague><lEvent (turkey) caSh asuaged paper fun>
1: Legioneer, adages, valorising, pennants, appeared, entreating, Francus,
2: pleuralgia, mortalness, carpenters,
3: temporalness, adroitness, relegation, Argentine(s), eventual, clearer,
4: psalmtones, vision, integer, Essenoi,
5: presagient, elations, asteroid, tarried,
6: vnions, saga,
7: partners, plague, visor, cereal,
8: ordinates, oriental / relation,
9: orientals / relations, Levent, 
10: angriest,
11: pleasures, league,
12: creeps, tiger,
13: morsel, next,
14: reliant, triage, grail,
15: entrails / latrines, career,
16: -,
17: elapses / pleases,
18: triad,
19: tirade, liege,
20: astride / tirades,
21: -,
22: granite, creep,
23: -,

Legioneer, adages, valorising, pennants, appeared, entreating, carpenters, adroitness, mortalness, pleuralgia, temporalness, Argentine, eventual, relegation, Essenoi, clearer, vision, presagient, asteroid, saga, plague, partners, vnions, Levent, league, angriest, pleasures, next, grail, reliant.


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