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Nostradamus C2 Q30: reaction at Chernobyl triggered by the great flood in the 21st C.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The first lines of text in this verse are a metaphor for nuclear reactions and the element used in controlling the rate of neutron flow. The anagrams include a strong cluster that tell us this involves material used in the Chernobyl reactor control-rods that is bypassed in a great flood event. This is consistent with the story in other verses included in my papers titled Floods and Nuclear Flood Events. Some of the anagrammatic keys that present this focus are Belarus (bel aux r) , hafniums (humains F), inundative (auint viend)and shroud (us d'hor).

The anagrams that set the frame for the text's full meaning include:

uniqu[e] slide used Ann alibi final infernal furnace
Vn qui les dieux d'Annibal infernaux

hafniums rare strain freest year ray used humanised refrains
animus ushered ray fairest year retains

Fera renaiſtre effrayeur des humains

upholds shroud rerun pulse journied lunar unlocks
Oncq' plus d'horreur ne plus dire journaulx

Aqua'ians invent inundative parable Belarus rabble arouse Maniques
Qu'auint viendra par Babel aux romains
# Hafnium (hf) : silvery white element used for nuclear reactor control rods. because of ability to absorb neutrons & other good qualities.
One who the infernal gods of Hannibal
Will cause to be reborn, terror of mankind
Never more horror nor worse of days
In the past than will come to the Romans through Babel.
Vn qui les dieux d'Annibal infernaux
Fera renaiſtre effrayeur des humains
Oncq' plus d'horreur ne plus dire journaulx
Qu'auint viendra par Babel aux romains.
L1: <~uxa idles and uxe quin V (5) infernal bin~><Ann Vuarnx alibi quin uxed slide><quin V (5) near xudan final diesel bin>herds

L2: <~rude effray humanises Fear resStrainer~><ray free era retainS reused haFniums><freest ray a Sin humanise rude Fear<main Fears ushered retainS free fray><hamus reFrains rued ee ff retains year~><arSenite rear Famines effray><infers hamus reSite effray arena>

L3: <~joe dire runa pulse rerun lux shroud plOncq~><rerun unlOcqx or upholds dire pulse><iove lunar Ox><rue shroud plunders><joe uuarn shroud plucq On lx (60 /40) pulse rerun><i rejourn (delay or put off) if pulsed rune should err>

L4: <belarux pander araB oma Quins><belarux inundative araB roma Quins><belarux rap uninvited roma Quins><belarux araB deprivant in aminos><uxa pander a roma Quins raBble>invent derivant
1: hafniums, unlocqx, upholds, Belarux, should, rejourn
2: inundative, uninvited, plunders, infernal, unitive, ushered, uuarn,
3: humanised, humanises, alibi, herds, 
4: deprivant,
5: humanise, refrains, shroud, rabble, lunar,
6: famines, effray, infers, animus,
7: aurox,
8: invent, babe
9: deuils, quins, 
10: Hod,
11: -
12: fray, rerun, arena,
13: -
14: prune,
15: arefy / faery, nearer,
16: finale, Bali / Albi, Joue,
17: -
18: final, freest, shed,
19: infer / finer,
20: arsenite, 
21: derivant, elfin,
22: year,
23: aminos.

 hafniums, unlocks, Belarus, rejourn, upholds, alibi, should, infernal, inundative, shroud, uninvited, rabble, effray, rerun, plunders, ushered, humanised, famines, warn, deprivant, lunar, refrains, infers, herds, invent, babe, quins, devils, nearer, Albi, arena, finale, year, Jove, shed, finer, arsenite, aminos, freest, derivant.


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