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Nostradamus C2 Q31: Man's machines of limited help in the great flood.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text tells us that this verse is one of the those dealing with the mutation to mankind caused by irreversable floods. The anagrams complement the text by illustrating the futility of attempts to divert and remove the increasing water levels.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

map line finer saliencies after  tenant encamp
En campanie le Caſſilin fera tant

Kronus never requavered sexual excusal schema maps phasm cowers
Qu'on ne verra que d'aux les champs couuers

Yule lodgement  unstamped despumate paused parents pulley unseparated
Deuant apres le pluye de long temps

non-reversible barriers overran reader averted shorter barrels miss
Hors mis les arbres rien l'on verra de vert
In Campania the Capuan [river] will do so much
That one will see only fields covered by waters:
Before and after the long rain
One will see nothing green except the trees.
En campanie le Caſſilin fera tant
Qu'on ne verra que d'aux les champs couuers
Deuant apres le pluye de long temps
Hors mis les arbres rien l'on verra de vert

L1: <nEat art finaliSeS><alien Cases map><a finer /infer tEnant>after SCaleS SalencieS

L2: <uxa never quared (queried legality)><none ever quared champs uuorse uureQs / Qreuus / Sqreuu excusal><uuaverer esQrouu noun> maps

L3:<yule lodgement part sleep><pulleys lodgement unseparated><~golden yule Despumate (clear of scum) sleep patrn~><unstampeD rape spell><olden yule get unstampeD sleep><parent spell>

L4:<otHers averred nonreversible laser miss><otHers realisms><less barriers><overran bearers liners>israels sHorter barrels aimless averted

1: nonreversible, quaverer, barriers,
2: unseparated, unstamped, saliencies, averted, encamp,
3: despume, ,
4: despumate, excusal, 
5: pulley, barrels, presell, Samech / schema, sexual, coups, evade,
6: lodgement, pleasanter, nonevil, Veronne, Nevarre, esqrouu (eskrow)
7: others, realisms, shorter,
8: uuaxed,
9: la-Serpent, cupreous, cassiel, fainter, overran, short, qreuus (q=c, uu=w) / sqreuu / uureqs (q=ck)
10: aimless / seismal,
11: phasm, bearers, other,
12: champs, r-Leonis, Thor,
13: morsel, next,
14: online, smiles, cases, noun,
15: -,
16: golden, Lepuy, dupes,
17: Israels, camp, dearer / reader/ reared,
18: plaster / psalter, tenant, liner, never,
19: Pellus, finer / infer,
20: arsenite, ,
21: elfin,
22: prelates,

non-reversible, quaverer, barriers, unseparated, unstamped, saliencies, averted, despumate, excusal, barrels, pulley, presell, sexual, schema, evade, lodgement, nonevil, realisms, Veronne, overran, pleasanter, Nevarre, aimless, phasm.

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