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Nostradamus C2 Q32: A future gangster mirrors the traits of Hermann Goering.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The first line of the of this verse is so wierd as to suggest that wording was forced on Nostradamus by his need to produce a particular combination of anagrams. The same can be said of the second line where the name Balennes is not able to be reconciled with any known town. Although not a complete answer there are a set of anagrams generated by this lettering that have a unifying tone within themselves and with the text. These include anagrams for gangster (t ſang gren) and Goering antics (ict ſan - g grenoi) with both the main words each having only one other occurrence in the Prophecies. It is likely this verse describes a person yet to be born who has the same gangster like traits as Herman Goering.

The anagrams that allow the text to be better understood include:

escalating Satanic gangster Goering ill sees Duc-de-Orleans endured Malta Castile gang
Laict ſang grenoilles eſcoudre en Dalmatie

non-conflicted pen preset blades debase seed enabled enclones
Conflict donne peste pres de Balennes

nicer years arranged part outsee elects unsocial oriency
Cry sera grand par toute eſclauonie

main-star armisonant animators represents datedness Eddan runas enrols
Lors naiſtra monſtre pres et dedans Rauenne
Milk, frog's blood prepared in Dalmatia.
Conflict given, plague near Balennes
A great cry will sound through all Slavonia,
Then a monster will be born near and within Ravenna
Laict ſang grenoilles eſcoudre en Dalmatie
Conflict donne peste pres de Balennes
Cry sera grand par toute eſclauonie
Lors naiſtra monſtre pres et dedans Rauenne
L1: <eScaLating region sell><i enDure Castile malta region gang> enDured><malta need a Lie Scoured region sell caSting<else oil gangSter Sourced><caStiLe gang><Sees ill runecodes><Duc-de-orleanS see gangster no ill>Satanic anticS learneD

L2: <~enn enaBled peers do step enn Conflicts~><pen steep debaser>

L3: <arranged part Cryes out><aniou Select out><parted-out orienCy clauSe arranges> <niCer years> <Cry arranges> unSocial

L4: <irans peers dated Lone Star monSter Runas><edda preset irans lone Star monSter Runas><sensorial enn repreSents dated Star Runas><romanS preset irans Star dated Runas><animatorS repreSent dated Runas roles><enn roLe endated uRsa mainStars><armiSonant (Resounding with arms, or weapons) Loners repreSents dated Runas>presee
1: Duc-de-Orleans, runecoded, bedrapes,
2: gangster, Goering,
3: armisonant, escalating, animators, unsocial, rune-code(s), represents, main-star, casting, oriency, gangers, enable,
4: stranded, gangs,
5: enabled, endured, debase,
6: Matilda, enclones, aldermen, arranges,
7: datedness, Tsarinas, Satanic, debaser, blades,
8: contend, redden,
9: dated,
10: breeds, based,
11: sourced / scoured, gang,
12: arrange, Aniou, scry,
13: Malta,
14: matrons, Castile / elastic, runas,
15: arsonist,
16: nearmost, pad,
17: grandpa,
18: steered, blade, cry,
19: -
20: arranged, years,
21: -
22: conflict, clause,
23: ignore, Origen, region.

Duc-de-Orleans, Goering, gangster, escalating, armisonant, unsocial, gangs, rune-coded, animators, represents, main-star, oriency, casting, datedness, enable, stranded, Satanic, blades, debase, aldermen, Anjou, enclones, arranges, Malta, Castile, matrons, Tsarinas, endured, conflict, years.



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