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Nostradamus C2 Q44: Women victims of pillage and rape receive little help from society.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The central message of this verse involves the treatment of women by predatory men and the medical procedures they then are forced to undergo. The eagle in the text represents the brutes endless pillages in the anagrams while the other birds of the text are the mother goddesses such as Glanis and Aschera

The anagrams that define this unique meaning for the text include:

detour Pau illusional pillages Es[s]ene epilogues Glanis allusion
L'aigle pouſee entour de pauillons

apertura Troyes used noted Urs archers Aschera see
Par autres oyſeaux d'entour ſera chaſſee

stone nail on quillons [sword cross guard]  band disturbed directs my brutes be Estonian
Quand bruit des cymbres tube et ſonnaillons

render stolen lessen maiden needs saddle Madelaine Essene sense see
Rendront le ſens de la dame inſenſee
# Glanis: Just outside St Remy where Nostradamus was born lies the ruins of the Roman city of Glanum which was named after the local mother goddesses of healing springs.
Aschera: name of a main belt asteroid named after Asherah, mother goddess par excellence- Queen of the Heavens.
# Troyes maidens: Chretien de Troyes who wrote the version of the Graal stories many use as the definitive source included many maidens who warped Percivals quest for the Graal. In this particular tale which he dedicated to the Count of Flanders, the knight listens too closely to women such as the Laughing Maiden and the Haughty Maiden.
The eagle driven back from circling the tents
Will be chased from there by other birds
When the noise of cymbals, trumpets and bells
Will restore the senses of the senseless lady.
L'aigle pouſee entour de pauillons
Par autres oyſeaux d'entour ſera chaſſee
Quand bruit des cymbres tube et ſonnaillons
Rendront le ſens de la dame inſenſee
L1: <allusion uSe detour piLlage po><saLon ill epilogueS enroute pau><iLlusional agile tone / note uuarped><piLlage allusion poured><gLanis uSe pole><See deuteron>tudor

L2: <~so true archerS uxed raPe unto eaSy SeaS~><uxa chaSeS unSorted aPe era eaSy routes><our untaxed Seas aPe Search><~aSchera Sees ur aPertura so eaSy not uxed~>caSh

L3: <eStonian tubes breed-mystic><edicts my tubers / brutes beSet on nail /(be Sonnet ail)><suited / duties durban>disturbed nationS subtree

L4: <~madelaine SenSe Render Stolen ends~><maiden leads /deals Render Stolen SenSe><not leSsen deal made in SenSe><eSSene madelaine endleSs torn><adam not leSsened>Sends Saddle
1: illusional, pillage(s),
2: disturbed, epilogues, allusion, untaxed, lessened, endless,
3: Madelaine, uuarped,
4: unoperated, epidural, archers,
5: Estonian, Glanis / signal, subtree,
6: saddle, brutes / rebuts, laded,
7: unrestored,
8: unsorted, apertura,
9: endx,
10: anions, tubes, Essene,
11: anion, easy,
12: deuteron, nations, Aschera, tube,
13: edicts, aimed,
14: Troyes, bust,
15: entones, duties / suited,
16: maidens, sensed,
17: rotund, Adam,
18: diuerts, enroute, sends, beset, but,
19: brand,
20: maiden,
21: -
22: tudor, lessen,
23: -

illusional, epilogues, allusion, disturbed, brutes, endless, pillages, lessened, untaxed, Madelaine, warped, Estonian, archers, signal, ends, unoperated, epidural, apertura, tubes, Glanis, Essene, Aschera, Troyes, maidens, sensed, nations, edicts, saddle, Adam, but, brand, easy, duties, suited, rotund, maiden.




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