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Nostradamus C2 Q45: The Annunaki weep as mankind enters a nuclear war with Russia.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagrams of this verse reference the Sumerian tale of the Annunaki which have been linked by many to the Fallen Angels in the Book of Enoch. This allusion offers the potential for understanding of the bizarre text with its clear links to the heavens and a heavenly war. Nostradamus' seems to be taking the Annunaki position as to the nature of man and extending the spiritual and war-like capacity of our race to explain the onset of war in our century. The narrative of this verse's text fits well with the story of the family whose offspring are generated by modern gene techniques from DNA believed to derive from Christ.

The anagrams that can help explain the text of this verse include:

Crete petrol police rule dragon prog[e]ny energy-corp
Trop le ciel pleure l'Androgyn procree

Super creeds leashing Sumerian angels humaniser span
Pres de ciel Sang humain reſpandu

remap mortar port grand art upend repel creeper
Par mort trop tard grand peuple recree

untraded dart rotated Soviet invest luteovirescent source so select course state attuned
Tard et tost vient le ſecours attendu
Too much the heavens weep for the Androgyne begot
Near the heavens human blood shed:
Because of death too late a great people re-create
Late and soon the awaited relief comes.
Trop le ciel pleure l'Androgyn procree
Pres de ciel Sang humain reſpandu
Par mort trop tard grand peuple recree
Tard et tost vient le ſecours attendu.
  1. <d'orleAn rule pellice (Italy town) Port ><pellice lAnd rue peTrol orgy><d'orlean peTrol energy-corp> <nuclear-pile-older-energy petrol>police
  2. <angEls humaniSer decries> <leaShing Sumerian creed><main Seal hung unSpared><unleaShing-armieS><aPpendS-uranium> perSian
  3. < dart port ungrappled mortar creePer>
  4.  <unstated luteovireScents roTated><soviet Sources lent attuned darT><Select our state rotated invest><stature unTraded><Source attends>
  1. leashing, luteovirescent(s) (greenish-yellow)
  2. creeper, untraded
  3. humaniser, rotated
  4. Pellice, police, hung
  5. decries, Sumerian
  6. ungrappled
  7. Soviet
  8. unspared, stature, attends
  9. -
  10. attuned
  11. -
  12. orgy / gory
  13. -
  14. petrol, invest
  15. -
  16. -
  17. -
  18. creed
  19. -
  20. sources
  21. d'Orlean

leashing, untraded, luteovirescent, creeper, Soviet, police, attuned, unleashing, Sumerian, angels, creed, energy-corp, invest, petrol, sources, gory stature, attends.





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