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Nostradamus C2 Q52: Germans and Laplanders involved in starting a Grecian war
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

Nostradamus on Fire In Sky in 1555 PrefaceGreece is the focal point for the text of this verse and in the anagrams we find the name of   Cithaeron range (a Corinthe - nager), a mountainous place in Greece considered sacred to Dionysus (see next verse for more). Other anagrams identify the manner in which Laplanders wiser units (lera Dans pl - uſieur - s nuit) used Germans era  (deux - mers nag -era) in the war mentioned in the text.

# Cithaeron: a mountain range in central Greece which was especially sacred to Dionysus .
Tiletanus (Jodocus) (birth name Josse Ravestein): a Roman Catholic writer and a harsh critic of the expanding reformation movement who was prominent at the time that Nostradamus wrote this prophecy.

Nostradamus C2 Q52 Earth Tremors German Arrogance

 In this current verse the above anagrams imply the detail essential if  opponents and bystanders engaged in the war events mentioned in the text are to be determined.

It is apparent from tone of both the text and anagrams that the likely period is at the end of this century when floods and tremors from various causes produce an impact worthy of Nostradamus' including it in his prophecies.

For several nights the earth will tremble
In the spring two efforts in succession
Corinth, Ephesus will swim in the two seas
War stirred up by two valiant in combat.
Dans pluſieurs nuits la terre tremblera
Sur la prin temps deux effors ſuite
Corinthe Epheſe aux deux mers nagera
Guerre s'eſmeut par deux vaillans de luite
L1: <laplanderS uuiSer units alters meter><literatures runes><tiletanus uuiSer plans balDer (Norse God of Light) meter><uuiSer plans terrestial sun tremble><uplanDs Sunrise suit later era atremble><~latest rambleD ruins terre uuiSer plans><unsure puSil (Obs: Very small; little; petty) list retreat><ruins ieuuS last plans><neutralist reaD uSuries plans><alters uuinterS pusil trembler>

L2: <uuiSeSt offers uxed><peruSal Suitors emprint (Obs: imprint)><uxed offer tiSsue><for it fuxe upSalr uSsr pediments><ruleS pertain suit offers uxed><uuriteS Ss or ff april exudes><print despume><imperant ruleS>reimplant Spirulate

L3: <uxed sumerx arrogance in the Sea><uxa rexumed the iron ShEep Carnages><thErein /nEither uxa muxed Sheep co-arranges><germans era uxed uxa Sheep thErein><Cithaeron (Gk mtn) shEep ranges uxa rexumed><murexes (purple dye) range)><nEither Sheep arrogances uuaxed><or Grace in the Sheep nears Sea>

L4: <~seer urGe all insulated via part uxed~><~rue unleGislated part reSumes vial uxed~><all urGe reSumes via unlisted / insulted part uxed><amputeeS rued><Seems reurGe dilute> <exuvial (cast off skin) lands>
1: Cithaeron, reimplant, arrogance, uuisest, neutralist,
2: unlegislated, literatures, Laplanders, pediments, imperant, upstream, exuvial, carnages, uuinters,
3: insulted, unlisted, hereinto, suitors, despume,
4: terrestial, amputees, neither / therein,
5: insulated, Tiletanus, uplands, carnage, murexes, uurites, insult, unsure,
6: emprint, spirulate, arranges, offers, murex,
7: Germans, dilute, sunrise, hint / thin,
8: uuaxed, Balder, suits,
9: deuils, 
10: -
11: reurges, units, mutes, ruins, sheep, atremble
12: offer, grace,
13: reblame, latest, retreat, plans,
14: then,
15: -
16: usuries, dupes,
17: pertain, Ieuus / uuise,
18: -
19: uuiles,
20: off,
21: marble, list,
22: uuiser, Dreux,
23: result, lends,

Cithaeron, reimplant, unlegislated, arrogance, literatures, wisest, neutralist, Laplanders, imperant, exuvial, pediments, upstream, carnages, insulated, winters, unlisted, suitors, insulted, terrestial, amputees,Tiletanus, neither, writes, uplands, carnage, arranges, unsure, murexes, spirulate, emprint, Germans, dilute, waxed, sunrise, offers, Balder, hint, suits, devils, plans, then, Jews, units, mutes, ruins, sheep, atremble, grace, latest, retreat.


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