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Nostradamus C2 Q54: How the letters ff are used to encipher the Anjou lifeline.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The following verse is another of those where Nostradamus / Noftredame (ferent doma) gives detail of how he enciphers ff (ePrins che -ff) code together with the idea that his patrons nominated lifelines that differ (ans trop - differ - entdomain - ine Fille S).   Also through the tenets (ent eſt) of the Anjou (n'auoi) line his prophecies are transposed (e ſans trop d).

The anagrams which can supply the essential detail missing from the text include:

 agent test generator strangest meteor isolating rapine liaison
Par gent eſtrange et Romains loingtaine

regular grandeur cited preascertained rapes
Leur grand cite apres eaue fort troublee

patrons lifeline dispensator differ nominated dominant life fill sea domain
Fille ſans trop different domaine

enciphers rune refer [s]avior tribes repel princes
Prins chef ferreure n'auoir eſte riblee

C2 Q54

Because of people strange, and distant from the Romans
Their great city much troubled after water:
Daughter handless, domain too different,
Chief taken, lock not having been picked.

Par gent eſtrange et Romains loingtaine
Leur grand cite apres eaue fort troublee
Fille ſans trop different domaine
Prins chef ferreure n'auoir eſte riblee.

  1.  <a montseignoRial Parenting teSts mongRelisation range><rePaginate montseignoRial entrantS><rePagination><isolating main generator tenetS><rePaginating><Remote liaison><nationalising Strange Preage meteoR>

  2. <grandeur cited><preascertained urge><pedantic seer reguLar><regular predicant ease> <depreciates>

  3. <notredame patrons liFelineS<liFe-line tranSposed><free dominant life><ill Famine diSpensator / patroniSed effronted~><Sell iF nominated patrons differ><ordainment Fill free Sea>dominate notredamien liFe

  4. <ff enciPhers rune refer / freer terrible-sauior>
1: Montseignorial / mongrelisation, nationalising, repaginating, repagination, Notredamien, enchiffres, isolating, enciphers,
2: preascertained, dispensator, insolating, ordainment, depreciates, angiometer, nominated, repaginate, predicant, ligation, lifeline(s), liaison,
3: effronted, pedantic, generator, finches, allness, differ,
4: transposed, predicate, notredame, dominate, adiacent,
5: dominant, tripod, bleep,
6: inches,
7: fill, fife,
8: entrants, blister / bristle, domain, regents, preage / repage,
9: patroness / transpose,
10: ingot, leuee,
11: carding, antigen, Emonia, tribes, retries / retires,
12: Aniou,
13: patrons,
14: reaping, allies,
15: entreats, infame / famine,
16: drop,
17: redacting, princes, meteor / remote, tenets,
18: Milans,
19: treasons, peratic, reagent, britle, repine, tribe Tiber,
20: grandeur, generates / teenagers,
21: rouble, elfin,
22: giant,
23: trouble.

Notredamien, preascertained, dispensator, enciphers, repaginating, mongrelisation, nationalising, ordainment, isolating, nominated, predicant, lifeline(s), liaison, effronted, pedantic, generator, allness, differ, transposed, notredame, adiacent, tripod, Aniou, patrons, dominant, tenets, reaping, famine, giant, meteor, trouble, allies.



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