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Nostradamus C2 Q59: Drug wars of 21st Century redress imbalance in oil usage.

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The story in this verse is about the drug trade in an era when the agenda of the world is dominanted by the debate on regulating oil usage. It is the story of people who feel disempowered and exploited who then react by trading on the weakness of their exploiters.

 In the text the references are by allusion to the means of using different drugs and the mechanisms used to ship them into France. The anagrams set up the period by refererring to song-writers (ur ſouſtenir g) treasuring (uſtenir gran) dissenters soul ( ſes tridens- ſoul. The drug trade theme is formed from anagrams that talk of their trade in Europe where guards appraise arresting those deranged by inserted drugs.  

The anagrams that provide the means of defining the message in the text include:

 Louis appraise Persia oil usage appears deranged paup[e]r arranged dye as gases graded scale agreed
Claſſe Gauloiſe par appuy de grande garde

drugs guards slanderous delusions panned dissenters tune residents resisted tridents inserted soul 
Du grand Neptune et ſes tridens ſouldars

Europe pounce on porous song-writers Nestorius treasuring arresting Bandar broaden branded reg[i]on
Rongee Prouence pour ſouſtenir grand bande

lumps on arms Baron Bonapar born jura ze[a]lot traded dates
Plus Mars Narbon par jauelotz et dards
Gallic fleet through support of the great guard
Of the great Neptune, and his trident soldiers,
Provence reddened to sustain a great band
More at Narbonne, because of javelins and darts.
Claſſe Gauloiſe par appuy de grande garde
Du grand Neptune et ſes tridens ſouldars
Rongee Prouence pour ſouſtenir grand bande
Plus Mars Narbon par jauelotz et dards
L1: <graded danger Scale polariSe uSaGe><appearS oil uSaGe danger raged><appearS arranged guyde Scaled oil uSage><danger SCalES agreed><appear oilS aSSuaGe><guarD put eNd Soul intereStedness> louiSe agenda perSia appraiSe euloGiaS GaSeS

L2: <guarD Slanderous DiStress><peN Set tune deluSionS reSt><tune Set residents / dissenter Soul><indorSes Streets dual Drug pendant><guarDs loudneSs> <Sons reSisted><Sister Sends loud Guards><Set Souls inserted> deSultorineSs (disordered)

L3: <euroPe pounce inSert Sour><branded SonguuriterS><tuneS porouS><grand routineS bRoaden gene><treaSuring porouS band><rouuS arreSting><deadboRn gene><euRope negRo band><ouSt erring band>bandar uniteS angrier neStoriuS StrenuouS

L4: <Plus arMs lotz Barons traded><zelot traded / darted slumPs><pajr / parja born><boNarpar aljve><date lozt><jura zea-lot date>ajar
1: desultoriness, interestedness, song-uuriters, treasuring, dissenters, loudness, resisted, slumps,
2: delusions, deadborn, dissenter / residents,
3: slanderous, strenuous, indorses, ajar,
4: branded, resting, assuage, banded, erring, datez, tests,
5: polarise, pounce, lumps / plums / slump, zelot, lozt / lotz, Jura,
6: appraise, degrade, agenda, drugs,
7: Nestorius, arresting, Bandar,
8: broaden, porous, guards, cradle, streets, mauls,
9: pendant, appears, pence,
10: classed, testes, Duras, bad,
11: routines, inserted / resident, angrier, direst, gaseus, usages, barns, tezt,
12: Barons, darted / traded, souls,
13: deranged, Elouisa,
14: rouus, dirt,
15: eulogias / oil usage, scaled,
16: rinsed, ring,
17: -
18: Louise, agreed, ounce, sends,
19: brand,
20: arranged, gases / sages,
21: Baron,
22: recoup, Europe,
23: apron, tried / tired.

Key Ideas:

song-writers, desultoriness, treasuring, dissenters, interestedness, resisted, loudness, slumps, slanderous, delusions, indorses, deadborn, branded, dates, tests, assuage, zealot, agenda, polarise, scaled, oil usage, angrier, Jura, appraise, Nestorius, guards, broaden, Bandar, porous, streets, arresting, drugs, appears, bad, routines, classed, inserted, pendant, direst, usages, Barons, traded, deranged, souls, agreed, sends, arranged, brand, recoup, Europe, tired, residents.


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