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Nostradamus C2 Q65: The Sephirotic Choirs of Angels as calendar code for Disaster.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is one of several that shows how Nostradamus used the Hebraic coding device, the Sephirot or Tree of Life. 

The next verse also holds an anagram for 'sphere' and its allusion in the first line fits loosely to the context of the stars below the horizon. Despite the vagueness of the sloping park as a description of the descending stars we have strong support it is about an astronomic reference point since the last line refers to Saturn fading and there is an anagram for Cancer. The second line of this verse has anagrams that refer 'entire sub Sphere' , 'refer rapHaels' 'peripherals' or 'helpers'. The reference to Cancer together with the allusions of death and the theme of a fire in the ship in the text gives a clear indication this verse is about a nuclear accident aboard a ship.

Sephirot of Angels  These references yield the Sephirotic link device since the spheres of the Sephirot are also associated with different choirs of Angels (See tree diagram alongside). 

Of these angels Raphael is the most prominent and is linked to the first Sphere, the Crown. His helpers are Ariel, the Angel of Light and Azrael, the angel of Death. Thereby we have a classical allusion to Raphael's Helpers referencing the realms of the stars above (Ariel) and below (Azrael) the horizon. 'Helpers' only occurs as an anagram in this verse and although there are two other verses containing the anagram for 'Raphaels' each of them also offers a reference to usage of an angelic allusion in the Sephirot.

The anagrams giving meaning to this verse include:

replicate Cancer parcel encircl[i]ng Leningrad time calendar
Le parc enclin grande calamite

Raphaels sphere peripherals inset helpers Bernuys fear refer
Par l'Heſperie et Insubre fera

feel even Fenne set steep Capet pituite (mucus)
Le feu en nef peſte et captiuite

rename cleaner cure Etruscan ancestral runestaf enframe
Mercure en l'Arc Saturne fenera

C2 Q65

The sloping park great calamity
To be done through Hesperia and Insubria:
The fire in the ship, plague and captivity,
Mercury in the Arc, Saturn will fade.

Le parc enclin grande calamite
Par l'Heſperie et Insubre fera
Le feu en nef peſte et captiuite
Mercure en l'Arc Saturne fenera.

Adjacent Anagrams plus Anagrams of highest merit.
Selection Order based on letter rarity, word and sequence length.

L1. <a time parcel calendar cling><repLace a time calendar> <calendaring cancer> <leningrad cancer> <repLicate a manacled (almanaced) ring>  

L2: <PeripHeralS entire sub refer> <raPHaelS freer tribunes> <HelperS> <rapHaeL SpHere> <alPHeras (Al Faras, Menkib, Pegasus)>

L3: <eLite feuu it Set capet><enn ef step>

L4: <nucleAr-reacteurS enframe><natureS cleAner arM recur><AnceStral rune recur enfraMe><etruScan freeMan >

Through this means the above verse is telling us Nostradamus uses the Sephira to help him place the stars in one or other of the two sub spheres, above ground or below. This verse also introduces another thread since Its first line can be read as saying 'repLace' 'time calendar encirclng parceL'.

1: calendaring, peripherals, manacled, helpers,
2: tide-almanac, ancestral, lancaster, pectates,
3: declaimant, Alpheras / Alphares / Raphaels, pituite, enframe / freeman, cling,
4: Leningrad, tribunes / turbines, runestaf,
5: Etruscan, helps, eerie,
6: -
7: aclimate, calendar, scalar, learner,
8: carnaged, Raphel, burns,
9: replicate, candle / calend,
10: Bernuis,
11: Cancer, Pesher / sphere, units, sheep,
12: replace, fleet, linc,
13: cleaner,
14: Malac,
15: -,
16: ring,
17: -,
18: recur,
19: rename, Arcas,
20: -,
21: parcel,
22: -,
23: -.

calendaring, peripherals, manacled, helpers, enframe, tide-almanac, Raphaels, ancestral, pituite, parcel, enframe, Leningrad, tribunes, replicate, runestaf, Etruscan, fleet, candle, burns, amid, prior, calendar, Cancer, sphere, Bernuys, units, replace,  carnaged, Malac, recur, cling, parcel, Arcas, rename.


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