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Nostradamus C3 Q2: The cult that anoints its members by drinking the liquids of its dead.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

There can be little doubt that this verse is part of a ritual and the anagrams as usual provide the means of knowing why it was included. This is about a funeral ritual used by a cult whose priest remaps accession by drinking the subsal that comes as they liquate the corpse . It has the hallmarks of such a ritual through its obsession with the cleanest robed to be in attendance and the need to ensure the speaker declinates the verb in the chants latin quotes  to ensure they reflect each persons correct role. It also tells us that this cult despises divine rule but in so doing makes the quaintest occulta error .

The anagrams that provide the frame for understanding this verse include:

divine-rule Bernardo readorn alas subsalt declinates
Le diuin verbe donrra a la ſubſtance

Princes clients recorrect core cult error ululata mystical sequacity
Caprins ciel terre or occult au laict myſtique

corpse process compares same priest parity Tanya attunes to issuance Isus wept
Corps ame eſprit ayant toute puiſſance

quaintest liquate clique notates despises medicos codes amuse Guisee  
Tant ſoubz ſes pieds comme au ſiege Celique
The divine word will give to the substance,
Including heaven, earth, gold hidden in the mystic deed
Body, soul, spirit having all power,
As much under its feet as the Heavenly see.
Le diuin verbe donrra a la ſubſtance
Caprins ciel terre or occult au laict myſtique
Corps ame eſprit ayant toute puiſſance
Tant ſoubz ſes pieds comme au ſiege Celique
L1: <alaS bernardo can buSt divine-rule><alaS a enrobed decLine abutS><eucLidean SubSalt in breve / verb><idLe aScent>decLinateS aLbeScent

L2: <myStical preaCquit><~since Capri ululata correct-role quite myStic~><Capri clients err occulta ore quite myStic>SequaCity occur

L3: <prieSt Compares to tanya uuept><prieSt remapS aCceSSion tanya tout><a reSpite ramps up any aCcession tout><it Scan ampereS Copse tanya tout><as parity Seem crop iSSuance Seem ><tanya empireS /premiSe as ScanS Corpse>

L4:<deSpises buz clique noTates><Spies codes><quanTile / quinate boutS><So equiTant buSsez pi codes><i amuSe medicos><laTin-quoteS deSpises zub>liquaTe aTtuneS / TetanuS quainTeSt anTique guiSe 
1: latin-quotes, correct-role, pair-science, sequacity, mystical, occulta, Bernardo, medicos, ululata, parity, occur,
2: substance, accession, uuaspiest, Euclidean, compares, subsalt, despises, deborn, misty,
3: albescent, enrobed, attunes / tetanus,
4: quaintest, despise, error,
5: declinates, preacquit, 
6: divine-rule / unliveried, cleanest, decline, notates,
7: issuance, cleaned, abuts, Tanya, breve / veber,
8: equitant, spies,
9: bouts,
10: diuine, espied, robed, cult, subs,
11: -
12: quits, verb,
13: attune, guise, breed, zub,
14: quantile, clients, respite, amuse, bust,
15: strip,
16: liquate, rapist,
17: -
18: clique, ramps, scans,
19: empires / premise, Amperes, lancet,
20: spied,
21: Emma,
22: -
23: crops.

latin-quotes, declinates, verb, correct-role, Bernardo, mystical, occulta, sequacity, medicos, pair-science, parity, occur, compares, accession, Euclidean, subsalt, liquate, substance, divine-rule, despises, robed, cult, quaintest, error, misty, albescent, Tanya, notates, cleanest, issuance, attunes, bouts, amuse, Guise, clients, breed, espied, clique, rapist, premise.


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