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Nostradamus C3 Q5: The issue of female fertility troubles the Middle East.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagrams of this verse such as Um Qasir, Mid East, Persian Islum and Emirates provide clear indicators of location. The event itself is shown to be about embryonic experiments through words such as alchemister, hermetical,  three maids and ectomeres. The attempted solution is also indicated through wiser Bonne remediates eternal viral stream. The verse also includes anagrams for Marcus Manilius an ancient writer about astrology.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

argues lands Manilus repairs Persia Islum semidiurnal unfoliaged deed
Pres loing defaut de deux grands luminaires

Marqus ultra-realism wiser Marquis Um-Qasir ruined eternal rival
Qui ſuruiendra entre l'Auril et Mars

hermetical alchemister used three maids dangers Bonne remediates Mid-East Emirate cloques
O quel cherte mais deux grans debonnaires

pastures part err meter ectomeres resource torn out
Par terre et mer ſecourront toutes pars

# Marcus Manilius: 1st century poet who included a non-conventional account of Hellenistic astrology in his poem called 'Astronomica'.
# Um Qasir (aka Umm Qasr): city port in Southern Iraq- possibly used by Alexander the Great as his first Mesopotamian landing point and a constant target in modern Iraq Wars.
# ectomere: cell blastomere produced during division of fertilized egg - becomes embyonic outer cell layer 

Near, far the failure of the two great luminaries
Which will occur between April and March.
Oh, what a loss! but two great good-natured ones
By land and sea will relieve all parts.
Pres loing defaut de deux grands luminaires
Qui ſuruiendra entre l'Auril et Mars
O quel cherte mais deux grans debonnaires
Par terre et mer ſecourront toutes pars
L1: <manilius uxed grand duet><unsimilar leProsies fanged duet uxed><and Persian islum urgex relosing><unfoliaged luminaries Press grand uxe><legions in slum rePairs deaf duet> <semidiurnal oil Press><urgex lands> exuded

L2: <i let MarQus uuiSer riual enter><riuer-induS eternal streaM riuAl / uiraAl><releuAnt inuader><MarQuis ruined uS releuAnt era><MarQuis enter urS inuader ultrArealisM><uuiseR MarQuis let riuAl inuader enter><riual enter Metal>

L3: <bernadino euOqes alchemister used><hermetical used><danger mideast uxe iran islum ><bonne arise><~there serbonian dangers clOque aims~><three maids arguex anion bends><bonne remediates dangers uxe><artemis uxe leech>broadens diameters

L4: <reSource err torn out spare Parts meet><set out torn meter Source><meter reSource Parts to pasture torn><reSource torn to upset meter>
1: semidiurnal, ultra-realism, Alchemister, Hermetical, luminaries, unfoliaged, Riuer-Indus, marqets, unsimilar, ectomeres, euoqes,
2: unretained, remediates, Serbonian, leprosies, respires, Marqus, marqs,
3: Bernadino, diameters, broadens, cloques, Thermae,
4: Manilius, Um-Qasir, 
5: bends,
6: pastures, Iadeus,
7: Mid-East, resource,
8: Emirate,
9: relosing, bodes,
10: spoiler,
11: alumni, repress, Midas / maids, anion, upset, Iain
12: r-leonis, three / there,
13: Adrienne, deduxe / exuded, Hercle / lecher,
14: releuant, Artemis, Islum, Bonne, 
15: -
16: inaner, 
17: eternal,
18: pasture, Ranni,
19: errant,
20: repairs, respire,
21: terms, aides / ideas,
22: master / stream, uuiser,
23: doing.

Key Ideas:

semidiurnal, ultra-realism, Alchemister, Hermetical, luminaries, unfoliaged, River-Indus, markets, Islum, Um-Qasir, pastures, bends, Mid-East, Emirate, resource, repress, ectomeres, remediates, Serbonian, leprosies, Marcus, Manilius, marqs, Bernadino, diameters, broadens, spoiler, three, maids, alumni, upset, Artemis, relevant, Bonne, wiser, doing, repairs, eternal, ideas, errant, stream.

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