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Nostradamus C3 Q6: Moslem links to death by actinide radiation of a city.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The following verse contains the only anagram for Moslem and its text and anagrams such as actinides saddens, funerals deadliness and tumour outreach link it to radiation events that start in Budapest at the Moslem dome. See C7 Q19 for connected verse.

The anagrams that provide the frame for understanding this verse include:

fouled entry retardants stand completes mandates placements
Dans temple clos le foudre y entrera

citadels actinides deadliness dreadfulness funerals furore forg[e]t four rules verges
Les citadins dedans leur fort greuez

tumour outreach each wave fuse box Homs Moslem model dome
Cheuaux boeufs hommes l'ode mur touchera
aim so if subso[u]l blues Psellus pulses miserable remaps of afar  Borealis
Par faim ſoif ſoubs les plus foibles armez
Within the closed temple the lightning will enter,
The citizens within their fort injured:
Horses, cattle, men, the wave will touch the wall,
Through famine, drought, under the weakest armed.
Dans temple clos le foudre y entrera
Les citadins dedans leur fort greuez
Cheuaux boeufs hommes l'ode mur touchera
Par faim ſoif ſoubs les plus foibles armez

L1: <read sole placements of rude entry> <eery narrateD><close re-entry fouled><manDates re-entry>

L2: <~eddan rules for citadeLs greet-uz~><rules for reuze in citadeLs sadden><actinides / indicates dreadfulness><lands eLastic furore><enfurls dead> four funerals unsealed

L3: <moslem heuChera tumoured uxa><hommels fusebox><outreach ur models><moslem ode reach tumour>

L4: <So if aim So far blues plus foible raPez arms><Parzifa of miserable psellus><arm fair aPez> borealis realms subspell fouls

1: fuse-box, dreadfulness, cartouche, retardants, Hommels, Heuchera, Parzifa, Moslem, 
2: placements, outreach, Chaucer, tumour, re-entry, spells,
3: tumoured, narrated, touch,
4: indicates / actinides, Borealis, mandates, module,
5: funerals, foibles, fouled, models, box,
6: befoil, Isabel, dyer,
7: miserable, citadels, diactin,
8: blouses, Psellus, entry, Baux,
9: model, memos,
10: unsealed, furore,
11: eery,
12: -
13: unseal, floes,
14: Castile / elastic, tumor, court,
15: retard / trader, boil, sold,
16: inaner,
17: saddens, uuax,
18: Eddas,
19: errant,
20: pelmets / Stempel / temples, blues,
21: terms, aides / ideas,
22: bless,
23: apez, floe.

fuse-box, dreadfulness, retardants, Moslem, placements, outreach, spells, tumour, re-entry, narrated, actinides, touch, Borealis, module, mandates, funerals, fouled, models, box, befoil, miserable, citadels, Psellus, entry, Baux, memos, unsealed, Eddas, errant, furore.


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