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Nostradamus C3 Q8: Man's reaction to the genesis of a superior species.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Amongst the absolute uncetainties such as death we can be assured that if life survives on this planet evolution will move on. Man will be down-placed and depending on how we respond to this we may not survive as a species. The most likely reaction from mankind at the potential arrival of a new superior species is to attempt to extinguish it but such efforts are no match for the inevitable forces of relentless chance. This is the theme in this current verse.

There are powerful anagrams that build the skeleton of this tale of which spermatogenic (t compaigne Se), generations (aigne Seront), unpeopled (ne Depopul) and Pelagiusene (ue l'ESpaigne), Pope (epop), mission(imoSins) set a strong base. Pelagiusenes are people who reject the idea of predestination and this concept is one which will most test humans when faced with the inevitable realisation of their limted part in the evolutionary scheme.

The anagrams providing understanding of this verse include:

climbers joints rejoins cause sequel rules visions
Les Cimbres joint ſauec ques leurs voiſins

Pope rule driven not pre-sequels pleasing unpeopled Pelagiusene need
De populer viendront preſque l'Eſpaigne

Agens masses genuine motile signs gnosis names as guess sensing nine solemnities mission manages
Gens amaſſez guienne et Limoſins

recompensating spermatogenic generations line give el[i]te rule furore
Seront en ligue et leur feront compaigne.
# Pelagiusenes: people who reject the idea of predestination in line with the teachings of the 4th to 5th Century British monk Pelagius.
The Cimbri joined with their neighbors
Will come to ravage almost all of Spain:
Peoples gathered in Guienne and Limousin
Will be in league, and will bear them company.
Les Cimbres joint ſauec ques leurs voiſins
De populer viendront preſque l'Eſpaigne
Gens amaſſez guienne et Limoſins
Seront en ligue et leur feront compaigne.
L1: <tenaciouS sequel><enjois (enjoys) Climbers viSions rules><viSions rules use sLiCe join serb acqueSt (property)><joints cauSe sequel><viSionLess rule><is in ourselves>LentiSsimo

L2: <~pope Deign apeS presequel not rule driven~><unreviled pope deign apeS><unpeopleD not reDriven><pElageiuS eNd pope rule> pElagiuSene (opponents of predestination)

L3: <~motiLe names As genuine siGns><aGens maSS SoLemnities><aGens maSS Let genuine miSsion><GnoSis names gaSSez><Lenient guizeS amaSs enSiGns><miLeStone / LimeStone nameS aS geniuz siGn><~SensinG motile guizeS enn amaSs~><eLite ennui (disinterest) SiGns om names>

L4: <Spermatogenic note><not recompenSating line furore><generationS guile compon-en-t><Seeing map forecounter>
1: recompensating, spermatogenic, solemnities, lentissimo, Pelagiusene, visionless, unpeopled, climbers, ourselves, glutenin, mission, rejoins, guizes, amasses,
2: tenacious, limestone, unreviled, liverous, visions, casquet / acquest, manages,
3: generations, massez, signs,
4: Verneuil,uueecqs, sensing, vision, forerun, genuine, sequels, gnosis, climes, amass,
5: Roentgens, lenient, joint,
6: nonsterile, revile,
7: motile, slices, visor,
8: liver / viler,
9: uueecq, Pope,
10: furore,
11: elapsing / pleasing, uueacq,
12: mass, rvle,
13: ennui,
14: -,
15: retard / trader, boil, sold,
16: join,
17: gained,
18: refuel,
19: ensign, elapse, / please, guile
20: aunts,
21: -,
22: Croton, unseat,
23: -.

unpeopled, recompensating, spermatogenic, solemnities, ourselves, Pelagiusene, visionless, climbers, rejoins, massez, tenacious, mission, manages, generations, signs, sensing, genuine, sequels, gnosis, vision, Pope, revile, mass, ennui, rule, furore, pleasing, trader.


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