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Nostradamus C3 Q14: Agennos as a key cipher for Jesus lineage.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

There are eight verses with an anagram of Agennos and this is one of them. These verses form a remarkable set with a strong link to Christs mortal / immortal status and his family connection to God al of which is in keeping with agennos (begotten without a father). All eight of the agennos anagram verses can be accessed through agennos quatrains

Within the anagrams of this verse the ones for financier, researchists, envision, demolish and enclosure are either singular with no other occurrences or have a maximum of two. Together they weave a consistent tale about the reconstruction of the agennos / gennos view of Jesus. Agennos is a major part of Nostradamus' vision for our future.

The anagrams for rebuilding the intended prophecy include:

via ill parent agennos (not begotten) Agen person paler arm wade
Par le rameau du vaillant perſonnage

feared Nicean canine if financier remap paler peer fine life refaced
De France infime par le pere infelice

Austria Slovenian age hone runes riches researchists assert via lines Australien envision
Honneurs richeſſes trauail en ſon vieil aage

Europa war[r]ior our [s]aviour cruel clone enclosure shield men demolish province epic
Pour auoir creu le conſeil d'homme nice.
#Europa: Greek goddess, who bore a child by Zeus and who represents the struggle between Asia and Europe - the continent of Europe was named after her.
Through the branch of the valiant personage
Of lowest France: because of the unhappy father
Honors, riches, travail in his old age,
For having believed the advice of a simple man.

Par le rameau du vaillant perſonnage
De France infime par le pere infelice
Honneurs richeſſes trauail en ſon vieil aage
Pour auoir creu le conſeil d'homme nice.
  1. <agennoS uuaved ill parent><realPage><agen perSon><plant norSe<nornS planet age>
  2. <nicean Feared if emperial peer in life><Financier reD-Face>

  3. <auStralian SeeS rich rune on Hegalia><reSearchiSts enviSion no Hagael runes><austria Slovenian age lie>

  4. <once cruel icemen demoliSh><uuar courier encloSe><euroPa mnemo-nic Shield>< emmenic ( menstruous) enclosure> 

1: Slovenian, researchists, demolish, Hegalia, envision, emmenic,
2: realpage, Hagael, uuaved,
3: enclosure, prouince, shield,
4: financier, inclosed, olivines, Australie, stress,
5: Australien, finance, counsel, norns, icemen,
6: vnions,
7: Austria, uuarior, refaced, canine Nicean,
8: agennos, courier, 
9: neurons,
10: Leonids, Hod,
11: alarmer / realarm,
12:Nelson, emperial,
13: riches, d'France, page,
14: planet, plant, refine, hone,
15: Europa,
16: algae, epic,
17: -,
18: crier, recur,
19: repine, finer, infer, taura,
20: enclose, defer / freed, Vau,
21: elfin, neuron,
22: recoup,
23: uuade, alia,

Slovenian, researchists, envision, demolish, Hegalia, real-page, Hagael, enclosure, shield, province, Australien, financier, counsel, Norns, refaced, Nicean, agennos, courier, Nelson, emperial, riches, Austria, page, refine, planet, epic, d'France, algae, plant, infer.



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