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Nostradamus C3 Q21: The corporate craftsmen who seek to benefit from the Earth's distress.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015


 Nostradamus Centuries 3 Quatrain 21 Tale of Esclarmonde tof Aquitaine whose love for gold and emeralds mirrored Hriedmarr in the Nordic manuscriptsAllusion is a major technique employed by Nostradamus for it allows a broad scene of the future to be created from a past tale that is already well-understood. In this verse there are two anagrammatic allusions the first of which comes from Norse mythology and the second from a historical entry Esclarmonde (rs de l'amecon), a person prominent in Aquitaine (Southern France) in the 13th century. The Nordic allusion comes through Hreidmarr (r mer Hadri) and an adjacent pair for hoarded emeralds (dra deho - rs de l'ame). These plus the wordings of the text show that the names are more probably a product of intent than chance.


The anagrams setting the frame for understanding this Prophecy include:

1. In Hreidmarr manuscript main Permian  crust quite hardier au (gold)
2. Possible runa fit apparitions horn
3. In Aquitain human-elite inflate tale each tale antifemale faced
4. Underpraised hoarders hardened emeralds Esclarmonde equips

# Hreidmarr - Norse mythology -e avaricious king of  Dwarves - master craftsman, who captured three gods with his unbreakable chains.  His house was clad with gold and glittering gems.
In the Crustamin by the Hadriatic
There will appear a horrible fish,
With face human and its end aquatic,
Which will be taken without the hook.
Au Cruſtamin par mer Hadriatique
Apparoiftra vn horrible poiſſon
De face humaine et la fin aquatique
Qui ſe prendra dehors de l'amecon.
L1: <a uueAq manuSCript reHarm triad><Hreidmarr (Nordic king of dwarf) a quiet uuArCaSt><putaniSm quite a Hardier arm><tSunami remap><Harmed quiet air><main Crust>permian (age of marine reptiles) diarrHea panaCratiumS (ancient greek fight contests)

L2:<horrible pASSion rvna fit><poiSonS bile>poSSible horn

L3: <faceD quite final aqua><quanta fail><inflate aqua><alienate fin><aquitain antifemale><quite flat aquian faced><ainhum (Sp :disease causing loss of toe) quite deface aquan feliate>

L4: <damsel hero once underpraiSed><esclarmonde eQuipS><once male hordes / herods><upriSe / epiruS ordeals hardened><QuinS horse deal come><penurieS hoarder emeralds>
1: Hreidmarr,  manuscript, possible, antifemale, Alfa-quin, hardened, fantail,
2: Esclarmonde, underpraised, Hreidmar, diarrhea, alienate, harmed, reharm,
3: Martinus, antiqua, Coleman, deface,
4: hoarders, tsunami, quieted, harder,
5: hardier,
6: Aquitain, inflate, crust, rift,
7: damsel, passion,
8: horn,
9: emeralds, quins, Herod,
10: reequips,
11: uueacq, Permian, radia, flat,
12: poisons,
13: ordeals, hard,
14: equips,
15: heard (2x)
16: Herods/ hordes / Rhodes, chafe, aqua,
17: fled,
18: spender, final, triad, cura,
19: -,
20: mast, head,
21: face,
22: horrible, camel, had,
23: panderer.

Hreidmarr, alienate, Esclarmonde, possible, hardened, male hordes, antifemale, underpraised, Aquitain, damsel, passion, tsunami, inflate, harder, Permian, crust, rift, hard, ordeals, emeralds, quieted, hoarders, hordes, face, horrible, aqua, cura, camel, had.



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