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Nostradamus C3 Q23: Francis I capture and release according to Nostradamus.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 3 Quatrain 23 Francis escapes with cerements (shrouds)This verse is one of only two that contains an anagram for Francis (Si Franc), Francis I was king of France and brother of Margaret d'Angouleme. The tale fits to to the capture of Francis prior to Nostradamus writing the prophecies and this trend is supported by some of the anagrams. However there is a suggestion of a modern parallel involving battles by France in the Crusader lands of the middle- East. The locations given in the text match those in the Henry Epistle in which the Jesus clones are overwhelmed by the Eastern Antichrist.

There is also a hint that the meter in this verses lines are best interpreted by reference to the meter in the Nordic legends involving Hreidmar (mer Hadri), the avaricious King of the Dwarves. This latter name links this verse to C3 Q21 and provides good reason for thinking this section of verses tells a common story.

Its content yields a retrospective tale since these events occurred long before Nostradamus wrote his Prophecies and for this story to have been included it has to give perspective to the cult of which he was a member. See my paper called Nostradamus Sect for more details in other verses.

The anagrams setting the frame for understanding this Prophecy include:

1. Francis escapes outremers ugliest aquifers quantifiers
2. Countless louts traverse easterliness timelesss clones consult
3. Hreidmar commentator comment pulse harmed Homam quite arid air
4. Chose date Range so anest tunes neutrons  losses uuax less
If, France, you pass beyond the Ligurian Sea,
You will see yourself shut up in islands and seas:
Mahomet contrary, more so the Adriatic Sea:
You will gnaw the bones of horses and asses.
Si France paſſes outre mer lyguſtique
Tu te verras en iſles et mers enclos
Mahommet contraire plus mer Hadriatique
Cheuaux et d'Aſnes tu rongeras les os.

L1: <FranciS quietuS><eScapeS ugly outremers (Fr overseas crusade lands)><aSSes prance quitS ugly FireS><~aquiFerS guStily enSpaceS mer (sea) routes><routes merely paSS France><outremers SpaceS quantifierS><rely FurieS quitS>

L2: <~seer consulT timeleSS n-sea revert~><counTless lines meters traverse><screen ouTlets><raveners (Birds of Prey) seTout seemlieSt><lineS esteem><leSs losT cerements (burial shrouds)><consulT eaSterliness evert>

L3:<commentator peril Harmed us><Hreidmar (Nordic King of Dwarves) a quiet air pulse><Hardier plumes><Harder lumps retraction> <diarrhea lumps><comet train> repair sumer terrain

L4: <uxa Chose Sunset dAte><Chose routes dAteS range uuax less><dateS uxa unrest><Chose dAtes neutrons uuax><he CloSes eras><laser unSeAts negro><enlarges routes>regalness tAxed unsort

1: commentator, quantifiers, commote, seemliest, comment, enspaces, spaces,
2: easterliness, countless, outremers, Hreidmar, cerements, diarrhea, harmed, Francis, escapes, merely,
3: gutsily / gustily, consult, raveners, neutrons, timeless, plumes, gusty, taxed,
4: aquifers, meterless, traverse, unrests, closes, harder, tugs,
5: retraction, hardier, unseats, plums / lumps / slump, colts / clots, unrest, ugly,
6: regalness, Mahomet, quietus, rainless, outlets, Lyre / rely,
7: -
8: Homam, furies, comet, sunset,
9: re-astounds, revert, esteem, Omah, guy,
10: attuned / taunted, uuanted, Raouls,
11: largesse, radia,
12: quits,
13: eastend, hard,
14: intact, estate,
15: heard,
16: chose, capes / space,
17: regales, duetx, lost, uuax,
18: triad,
19: enlarges / generals,
20: stout, fires,
21: terms,
22: larges / graels, passes, had,
23: sefira,

commentator, quantifiers, seemliest, comment, enspaces, easterliness, countless, outremers, Hreidmar, cerements, harmed, Francis, escapes, merely, consult, raveners, neutrons, timeless, plumes, taxed, aquifers, traverse, harder, unrests, quietus, rainless outlets, rely, furies esteem, intact, estate.


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