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Nostradamus C3 Q27: How letters are used as numeric icons in the Prophets code.

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This and the previous verse make sense when they are considered as being about the way the printing process is used to conceal Nostradamus' code. Their anagrams fit into the schemes documented by Agrippa, the writer who in Nostradamus' life-time was one of the foremost authorities on ancient coding techniques (see my paper on Agrippa for more).

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include: 

bienni[a]l Prince equip trans-societal ancient-codes conceited print sustain sensation
Prince libinique puiſſant en Occident

enflamant tenant farmer Draconis Arab Abdera invader
Francois d'Arabe viendra tant enflammer

 USA Letter encodes sexual caress condensed ascent descend
Scauans aux lettres ſera condeſcendent

Allan argue Arab fractions bear trans-stellar actions icons
La langue Arabe en Francois translater
Libyan Prince powerful in the West
Will come to inflame very much French with Arabian
Learned in letters condescending he will
Translate the Arabian language into French.
Prince libinique puiſſant en Occident
Francois d'Arabe viendra tant enflammer
Scauans aux lettres ſera condeſcendent
La langue Arabe en Francois translater.
1. <cOnStance equipS Printed / intrePid><ancient-cOdeS equipS Print > <cOnnect aS Printed in ><cOnceited Saints><pique iSsuant / Sustain in bile>

2.< Abdera Farmer invader coins/icons enflammant><Arab draconis><derivant Abdera icons>

3. <dracon Scene unaScendent><uxa aScent careSS condenSed letter><Dracon letters Sentenced uxa eraS><letter x Scares no deScendentS><letter esS Sentenced dracon><textureleSS era aScent condeScend><textural eSs dracon><encodeS Scares><narcoses descend><dracon sexual testerS>

4. <aLlan argue icon translaters><Allan later Argue Fractions been A bar><Allan Argue arsonist alter Franc><Later Franc been all gun Area><aLl alter Augean bear> <Arab bear been Far star icon><Franco is transteLlar> transsocietal narcosist

1: ancient-codes, trans-societal, trans-stellar, fractions, condensed, sentenced, printed,
2: tconceited, sensation, letter x,
3: Constance, Draconis, concedes, condense, connect, luxates, cantus, Tuscan, conic, Naxus,
4: conceit, narcoses, descend, suuipe, exult,
5: translates, radios, sexual, farmer,
6: letter ess, connate, luxate, Allan,
7: narcosist, actions, settlers,
8: incocted, issuant / sustain, streets, Augean, Abdera / abrade,
9: alterants / translate,
10: Franco (2x)
11: deacons,
13: encript, lemma,
14: -
15: -,
16: Caesers / creases,
17: encodes, sealant, cci, been,
18: -,
19: -,
20: Nasau,
21: derivant, letters, emma,
22: -,
23: caress / scares.

ancient-codes, trans-societal, condensed, trans-stellar, fractions, printed, conceited, sentenced, sensation, letter x, concedes, Draconis, narcoses, descend, translates, sexual, farmer, Allan, actions, letter ess, sustain, descents, Abdera, streets, encodes, encript, derivant, letters.




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