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Nostradamus C3 Q29: The son of Abbas who avenges his father's death.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The presence of an anagram for Abu-Mazen (mbez Naua) provides a platform for understanding this verse since it implies the story line is about the future of the Palestinian state. The stated anagram plus other anagrams such as Shia (ſi ha) also suggests this is one of a cluster about this topic since there are other names for modern leaders and religious sects in the Middle East in nearby verses.

The anagrams that provide some of the detail needed for the text of this verse include:

surlier seed used pens we insured index resile rules use
Les deux nepueux en diuers lieux nourris

Paulean AbuMazen regent entombs mobster peer Beznau plague enter per meteors plunge
Nauale pugne terre peres tombez

Nordien rivers diversion enthusiast hints diviners urge salute ensue 
Viendront ſi haut eſleuez enguerris

cesiums musics becom[e] mob revengez seven linger revelling in ruin
Venger l'iniure ennemis succombez

# Abu Mazen (aka Mahmoud Abbas):President of the State of Palestine (2005 -2014+)- a name that has been considered for the enigmatic Mabus in C2 Q62)
# Beznau: Nuclear power plant in the north of Switzerland

The two nephews brought up in diverse places
Naval battle, land, fathers fallen
They will come to be elevated very high in making war
To avenge the injury, enemies succumbed.
Les deux nepueux en diuers lieux nourris
Nauale pugne terre peres tombez
Viendront ſi haut eſleuez enguerris
Venger l'iniure ennemis succombez
L1: <uue index rules eludes penx><underlies uxe><lie uxe insured ouunx surLier seed><unsexed uueep index rules i uxe>

L2: <~plague enter peer mobster Navez~><bezNau (swiss nuclear power plant) a meteors plunge><Abu-mazen (aka Mahmoud Abbas) store plunge><eNtombz peers plague reenter>paulieN

L3: <genez enthuSiast diVersion err><nor thiS salute diViners urge enzue><Shia diViners torn elSe urge enzue>hiatuSes hintS riVers renditionS

L4: <comb musics zeVen linger><reVeling in rune><ruin linger><cesiums comb>
1: enthusiast, diversion, third-son, Abu-Mazen, entombz, hiatuses, revengez, cesiums, musics, Beznau,
2: renditions, levering / reveling, mobster, tombs, hints, zeven, 
3: diviners, Paulean, sliders, misuse, rivers, index,
4: divines, unsexed,
5: underlies, plunge,
6: insured, surlier, this,
7: plague, genez, cuss,
8: meteors,
9: endx, 
10: reeling, linger,
11: -
12: -
13: -
14: slides, 
15: Rigel,
16: -
17: most,
18: liner,
19: uueep, zeen,
20: -
21: salute, Shia,
22: -
23: tomb, leuees / sleeue.

enthusiast, diversion, Abu-Mazen, third-son, revengez, entombz, cesiums, Beznau, musics, renditions, mobster, reveling, hints, Paulean, diviners, sliders, misuse, seven, rivers, index, divines, surlier, plunge, insured, this, plague, genes, Rigel, meteors, ends, most, linger, weep, salute, Shia, tomb.



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