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Nostradamus C3 Q38: The corporation that uses space science to conduct cancer experiments on captives.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

It is normal for any reader to form a quick view as to what they are reading which can actually prevent the understanding of what is obvious when read in a different context. This verse is a clear example of this since the text gives impression of being indecipherable yet the anagrams give a different picture. The scenario in this verse has a corporate group mistreating captured people in the pursuit of cancer research.

The anagrams used in building this verse are not only modern but of a time that lies ahead of us. A key anagram is that for astronomic (mois contrai) and it is backed by another for astrionic (is contrai) which is the science and technology behind space electronics. There is also a series suggesting modern corporations involved in genetic science lie behind the events in the text. These include consortium (u mois contr), consortia (ois contra) and intercorporate (ontraire et proc) as well as genealoguist (gent Gauloiſe) and genesis (s ſeigne). The branch of science in which they are involved is the study of cancers eugenesis (rs en acc - s ſeigneu).

The anagrams giving meaning to this verse include:

elegant Louise genealogist enstation Nestorian generations
La gent Gauloiſe et nation eſtrange

Stormonts printers glif pointers solemn storm routes
Outre les monts morts prins et profligez

astronomic intercorporate consortia echoed evenhanded consortium
Au mois contraire et proche de vendange

apes realise eugenesis cancerous cancers record ridges genesis
Par les ſeigneurs en accord redigez
The Gallic people and a foreign nation
Beyond the mountains, dead, captured and killed:
In the contrary month and near vintage time,
Through the Lords drawn up in accord.

La gent Gauloiſe et nation eſtrange
Outre les monts morts prins et profligez
Au mois contraire et proche de vendange
Par les ſeigneurs en accord redigez.

The collection of anagrams and words in the text imply it is an involuntary set of experiments to which they are subjected. There may even be minute detail about the way the experiments are conducted using a resonating laser (ion eſtrang - ar les) and accurate recording devices giving a record (cord re) to see any cancerous (urs en acco) eugenesis (s ſeigneu)

  1. <eStonian argentaL Genealoguist><~generationS neateSt LanGuage-toil~><neStorian GauloniteS (Essene sect) neaten><intonate Star angLe Gaulonite See><enStation angLe range> <louiSe antoinete> reSonating reSonant generantS anoint
  2. <most omens printers port rezOlute> <set montmors (Calvin patron) resOlute prints>< solemn rOute profile-getz><solemnest storm rOutez><ports / sport of printers / sprinter><stormonts smelter>pointers
  3. <~evenhanded Age miscount eretria crop~><Augean (very complex) astronomic><consortium Agenda><even-handed Age intercorporate> <unmAnaged consortia><heed eretria crop astrionic recreations echoed peter
  4.  <Seiges ensure can record><cancers eugeneSis (regrowth) order><cancerous geneSis><laser Seeing cancerous gridder><genesiS securance gidez order><aPez gunneries lesSer gridder><Seeing order securance><cancerous gridder generaliSeS> realiSes
1: intercorporate, astronomic, evenhanded, Stormonts, astrionic, unmanaged, Montmors, Antoinete, eugenesis, gridder,
2: consortium, Gaulonite, cancerous, gunneries, intonate, 
3: genealoguist, generations, consortia, enstation, securance, forspent,
4: generalises, molester, Antoine,
5: resonating, recreation, Gauloist, solemnest, Estonian, dried,
6: gelatinous / Gaulonites, generants, lagout, reusing, accord, cancers, genesis, neatest, agenda, record,
7: recreations,
8: cratons, storms, echoed, Augean, 
9: smelter,
10: printers, gaunt, dirge / ridge,
11: Nestorian, proteins / pointers, resolute,
12: gedi,
13: resonant, Elouisa, realises,
14: prints, glif, order,
15: eulogias / oilusage, ochred, anoint, Eloise, sieges, strip, foil,
16: resiles,
17: argental, coca, most, eagle,
18: elegant, Louise,
19: -,
20: strangle,
21: -,
22: -, 
23: Senate, apez.

Stormonts,  eagle, intercorporate, astronomic, astrionic, consortium, evenhanded, intonate, Antionete, Montmores, eugenesis, cancerous, Nestorian, Gaulonite, genealogist echoed, cancers, genesis, record, resonating, laser, gunneries, consortia, agenda, enstation, printer, gridder, resolute, recreations,  pointers, elegant, Louise, realise, sieges, strangle, Senate, order.

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