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Nostradamus C3 Q49: Gaulonite rebellion as an allusion for future of new Christ from the Balkans.

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

I will illustrate through the use of the anagrams that this verse ties ancient religious ideas from the time of Christ to themes recurring in our modern age and in particular to an emerging species that has extra-sensorial powers. The major anagrams on which I found my case include Gaulonites (Essenes), genealoguist and tetrarchs while there are other strong anagrams that provide such a setting. And all of this tale shapes, unifies and provides continuity to the story of the Christ gene set out in my paper called New Man.

The significant anagrams that provide the framework for these claims include:

genealoguist reenhanci[n]g Serbian Gaulonites abstruse (obscure) gene
Regne Gaulois tu ſeras bien change

greatest line use generates greatness start prime metal alternates
En lieu eſtrange eſt tranſlate l'empire

natures meteors arousement result as extrasensorial gene matures
En autres moeurs et loix ſeras range

protein-urea recuperation Tetrarch foresent Beduin re-creation charter
Roan et Chartres te feront bien du pire
Gallic realm, you will be much changed:
To a foreign place is the empire transferred:
You will be set up amidst other customs and laws:
Rouen and Chartres will do much of the worst to you
Regne Gaulois tu ſeras bien change
En lieu eſtrange eſt tranſlate l'empire
En autres moeurs et loix ſeras range
Roan et Chartres te feront bien du pire

 Extra Info:

The terms Gaulonites and tetrarchs found as anagrams in the first and last lines provides a unity of time and place since about the time of Christ Gaulonite was a name given to a sect of Jews based around Galilee while Tetrarchs was a name applied to the system in which four sons inherited parts of Herod's sub-divided Roman kingdom in the Levant. The Gaulonites with their own set of laws were subject to the rule of Rome via Herod and his sons which inflamed the conflict leading to the demise of the Gaulonites around 70AD.

The verse carries clear evidence that an extrasensorial gene matures (et loix ſeras ran - ge En -autres m) and arousement results (n autres moe - urs et l) which is in keeping with the gifts of language and foresight that are found throughout Nostradamus' verses. It also underpins ideas that I believe resolve the dilemma in Nostradamus' work. This schemesuggest emotions allow people from different eras to be in contact through their minds. Such a mechanism has to exist for Nostradamus' Prophecies to hold truth about the future and if it does exist then he would have inevitably seen how evolution moves on thereby removing the domination of the Earth by human-kind.

  1. <serbian tiSsue change genRe> <~Genealoguist uSe carbineS hangeR~> <Gaulonites (Essenes) uSe serbian> <louis Re-enGage abStruse> <gene Suits serbian geneaRch / enchaRge>- <louis GangRene> <oil Surest bias> <Gaulonites genRe abuSers> <bears Suits>
  2. <linE uSe entreatS prime Stella gene> <generateS Start> <natureS greateSt linE Slant> <nEutraliSe Start gene> <aSlant Street grant linE uSe> <perimele (Greek goddess) line aSlant>
  3.  <extrasenSorial gEne matures> <arranges arousEment result><~genE Six a resolute nature rearS some~> <meteors result> <resolute arranges Six Enumerates><ut-a gene>
  4. <ReCuperation arrest forebitten end> <oRnate Chart trees /reset / steer><end up reChart foresent bit> <Re-Creation upend foresent bit> <anChoRet retreats> <tranChe fetters oaR> <not freest tetrarCh>  

1: extrasensorial, planetesimal, proteinurea, recuperation, forebitten, Hectorean,
2: arousement, enumerates, outremers, Tetrarch, abstruse, fetters,
3: genealoguist, mensurate, engage,
4: carbines, enchain, greatest, abusers, Beduin,
5: translates, recreation, neutralise, Gauloist, restart,
6: gelatinous / Gaulonites, charters, arranges, retreats, Stella,
7: charter,
8: gangrene, meteors, suits,
9: alterants / translate, Perimele, matures,
10: encharge / genearch, bensira / Serbian, Arras,
11: foresent, resolute, muster, mouse,
12: negates,
13: botein / benoit, toils, surest, oilx,
14: austere, chart, start,
15: eulogias / oil-usage, entreats,
16: chanter, tranche, niche,
17: greatness, sealant, Serbia,
18: aslant, freest,
19: reagent, repine,
20: generates / teenagers,
21: terms,
22: cheat / teach,
23: impel

forebitten, protein-urea, recuperation, extrasensorial gene matures, arousement result,Tetrarch, abstruse, fetters, genealoguist, enumerates, Beduin, greatest, abusers, Gauloist, translates, Gaulonites, re-creation, charters, foresent, meteors, restart, sealant, Serbia, greatness, impel, teenagers, cheat, freest, terms

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