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Nostradamus C3 Q50: Farming oceans increases impact of climate change.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The story in this verse continues that told in others in this part of the Prophecies whereby the extreme rules of Islamists see harsh penalties imposed on those it controls. In this instance it is a city that attempts to survive using mariculture (u mur la cite) but in so doing changes the climature (mur la cite) through its use of a reticular (ur la cite r) network of containers (a conſentir) which replicate (cite La rep, la cite rep) and and in so dooing so devour oceans (e voudr - a conſe) resources.

Anagrams providing material for understanding this verse include:

reputable el-quid deal equaled enlarged deceit danger replicate
La republique de la grande cite

regarding ordnances (artillery) containers devour oceans ridge
A grand rigeur ne voudra conſentir

poem tempt recite erotic story short histor[y] parts
Roy sortir hors par trompette cite

warm climature reticular epicenter percentiles replicate mariculture hell
L'eſchelle au mur la cite repentir
# mariculture: cultivation of marine organisms for food in the deep ocean.
# reticular: an interlaced network.
The republic of the great city
Will not want to consent to the great severity
King summoned by trumpet to go out,
The ladder at the wall, the city will repent.
La republique de la grande cite
A grand rigeur ne voudra conſentir
Roy sortir hors par trompette cite
L'eſchelle au mur la cite repentir
L1: <equaled danger i repLicate><~ci equaled li reputabLe danger~><galanded cite real> <precedentiaL graal><lead articLe danger><reaL deceit><enticed reaL graal><el quied redacting a repeaL>carnaged interLaced

L2: ~regarding overdrauun contAinerS~><uuord reading rune contAinerS><nArrating grid rune devour><oceanS devour rune grid><conSent Arraign rune grid><dracons retAin reuuoven grid><neStoriAn card reuuoven grid><reuuoven ordnanceS><AngrieSt dracon><dirge ran reSonAting rune>

L3: <or story parts tempt coteRie><shorri eRotic story><or tt parts Recite poem story><history-Retoric><pro-phets mortar><poem portra-ys histo-ric teR-ror>

L4: <reticular (network) / recruital percentiLeS><uuarm LiStener replicate><hell climature reLicS repent><SerpentiLe article uuarm><epicenter mural>
1: precedential, mariculture, narrating, drauunover / overdrauun, climature / tularemic,
2: teleprinter, interlaced, shortpair, regarding, reputable, recruital / reticular, epicenter, reuuoven, regrading, grid,
3: percentiles, curtail, equaled, aurum/ uuarm,
4: containers, serpentile, ordnances, receipt, coterie,
5: resonating,
6: arraign, lechers, Hercles, Hell,
7: arresting, 
8: carnaged, mural,
9: replicate (2x),
10: angriest, el-Quid, Troys / story, dirge / ridge,
11: Nestorian, rating,
12: delicate, article / recital (2x), enticed, Draco, pub,
13: relics, tempt,
14: sonance, Troyes,
15: listener, devour, oceans,
16: garlanded, deceit,
17: redacting,
18: -
19: recite / reiect (2x),
20: consent, uord, inept,
21: -
22: granite, erotic,
23: mortar, poem.

precedential, mariculture, warm, containers, devour, oceans, equaled, percentiles, climature, overdrawn, reputable, teleprinter, ordnances, interlaced, reticular, epicenter, regarding, rewoven, grid, resonating, el-Quid, angriest, story, arresting, coterie, arraign, lechers, carnaged, mural, replicate, Nestorian, Hell, Troys, poem, delicate, dirge, tempt, listener, narrating, erotic, word, inept, sonance.



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