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Nostradamus C3 Q52: Misinterpretation of mineral geology causes a plunge in the Middle-East.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Money problems that lead to a nation harming outsiders is the focus of this verse. The text is the time setting for the event but its theme is strongly evoked by the anagrams such as paragenesis (paigne ſera ſ), series (iſe ſer), seism (miſe ſ), oils plunge (ſi lo - ngue pl) and monies (on miſe). The region affected is the Middle East and in particular the people of Israel (era ſi l), Galilee (igle l'ae) and Algiers (le ſi gra). Events are triggered when monies plunge in price causing nation states to set up laws making it illegal to have genes (gne ſe) derived from faulty male alleles (le l'aeſl - e ma l).

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

clean paragenesis map gain genes Israel generalises long genu Yule plunge
En la campaigne ſera ſi longue pluye

religious-land fancied federalising planet deficcit
Et en la Pouille ſi grande ficcite

evoke rare illegal males Galilees local map compile alleles
Coq verra l'aigle l'aeſle ma l'accomplie

almonry only monies extreme time seism series exterminate player nemesis
Par Lyon miſe ſera en extremite
# alleles: alternate forms of the same genes or genetic locus.
In Campania there will be a very long rain,
In Apulia very great drought.
The Cock will see the Eagle, its wing poorly finished
By the Lion will it be put into extremity.
En la campaigne ſera ſi longue pluye
Et en la Pouille ſi grande ficcite
Coq verra l'aigle l'aeſle ma l'accomplie
Par Lyon miſe ſera en extremite.
L1: <oil plunge eraSes gain><map realiSes yule lancE gain><iSrael Semipagan yule lance><louing parageneSis (mineral cluster) manaclE><Seeing Sailor gun a clan map eye> SenSorial placE-name

L2: <algierS fienD><cite fancied><ill readings><Paoulen Signaller fed>federaliSing Planet Lapento

L3: <a illegal police qvarrel><male aCcomplice illegal Seal> legaliSe / galileeS polemic ( (argumentative controversial doctrine) / compile religiouS-land alleleS (mutant genes)

L4: <Seers exterminate no Player><next era See imPerSonality><near time royaL nemeSis exert><time eraSe next pLayer monieS> <onLy SeiSm imperate (commanded to act on)> aLmonry
1: impersonality, religious-land, qvarrel, federalising, planometry, exterminate, epulation, place-name, polemic, compile
2: almonry, 
3: signaller, Galilees / legalise, illegal, manacle,
4: paragenesis, semipagan, meterpair, fancied, Algiers, police,
5: imperate, plunge, ccii,
6: Lepanto, Gallia, parley, lilies,
7: Galilee, alleles, messier, allege,
8: Gilles, canal,
9: Galilea,
10: -,
11: sailor, ecoli, series, Lyra,
12: emptier,
13: realises, liars, next,
14: monies / simeon, planet, ill-use, fiend,
15: nemesis, legal, exert,
16: lepuy,
17: Israels, camp, coca, cci,
18: -,
19: -,
20: -,
21: -,
22: -, coq,
23: Simon, impel, alia,

religious-land, federalising, impersonality, polemic, qvarrel, exterminate, almonry, Galilees, signaller, legalise, paragenesis, Algiers, police, fancied, manacle, illegal, semipagan, alleles, sailor, series, emptier, monies, plunge, realises, Israels, fiend, use ill, liars, exert, planet legal, nemesis.



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