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Nostradamus C3 Q57: N's astrolabe parameters used to date stages of Ebola menace.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is the only one to contain an anagram for astrolabe ( ole Baſtar), a device used for determining astronomic settings. This type of device was commonly used in the sixteenth century and other astronomically relevant anagrams in the verse such as boundaries (n Aries doub) and the name of the star Rastaban (Baſtarna) suggest this is not an accidental word formation. The text of the verse also has an astronomic tone but the events it relates to are likely to refer to a period from 2100 to 2390 CE. This dating is based on the reference to the pole and Aries which is the first star sign of the zodiac.

The anagrams for rebuilding the intended prophecy include:

step foist change avenger searching engraver battering regents enquirant quin
Sept fois changer verrez gent Britannique

instant Tanzanite neatness end[i]ng denounces exudence on antenna
Taintz en ſang en deux cens nonante an

France furnace Enoch appoint apart paupary Germany main aquifer
Franche non point par appuy Germanique

Arian doubts subordinate notes Rastaban as pole star  on astrolabe boundaries
Aries doubte ſon pole Baſtarnan
# Rastaban: alternate Arabic name for the star Beta Draconis and it means 'head of the Serpent'.
# Tanzanite: name for blue coloured gemstone discovered in the 20thC in Tanzania.
# astrolabe: an elaborate inclinometer used by astronomers, navigators and astrologers to measure star and planet locations.
Seven times will you see the British nation change
Steeped in blood in two hundred and ninety years:
Free not at all its support Germanic.
Aries doubt his Bastarnian pole.

Sept fois changer verrez gent Britannique
Taintz en ſang en deux cens nonante an
Franche non point par appuy Germanique
Aries doubte ſon pole Baſtarnan.

L1: <searching of inquinate (befouled) Step><Steep verge of chains errz>:<searching of Steep quintain (jousting post) / inquirant>

L2: <~connexus (Australian internet service?) Tanzanite (mineral variety) anTenna end ageNs ~>exudence unedge

L3: Germany appoint uppar aquiFer> <non-phonetic Franque remain><Furnace maniq Grey><Guppy (NASA cargo plane) remain apart>

L4: <an aStrolaBe noteS boundAries> <raStaBan [b-draconis] beSt enloop><raStaBan subordinAte enloopS><polestar-aB> <subeditor notes pole> taBleS / StaBle Subtone BeaSt eBola aBateS
1: nonphonetic, Polestar -A-B, searching, Tanzanite, astrolabe, Connexus, Rastaban, doubts, guppy,
2: boundaries, subeditor, chasing, appoint, Germany, antenna, grey,
3: enloops, 
4: subordinate, ramequin, exudence, subtone, engraver, furnace, avenger, enloop, ebola,
5: maniq, uppar,
6: abates, Tzain, verge, pupa, Anna,
7: chains, doubt, genez, Tania,
8: inquirant, foist, zens,
9: inquinate, quintain, aquifer, guy,
10: tubes, bent, errz,
11: quintan, graven, unedge,
12: changes, stable / tables, tube,
13: -,
14: paint, hone,
15: -,
16: ,
17: -,
18: tenant, enoch, but,
19: bout,
20: engram / German, apart,
21: -,
22: beats / beast,
23: -

Tanzanite, astrolabe, searching, Polestar -A-B, Rastaban, boundaries, subeditor, doubts, chasing, Guppy, Germany, appoint, Connexus, grey, antenna, enloops, subtone,  subordinate, furnace, avenger, ebola, exudence, abates, inquirant, doubt, bent, tubes, changes, genes.

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