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Nostradamus C3 Q58: Meteors effect on countries near the Danube.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagrams of this verse direct us not to the Rhine but a nearby river, the Danube and the river ports along its course in Austria. The text identifies a person who will defend Iran and the countries east of the Noric Alps in Austria.

The terms that shape the meaning of this prophecy include:

Norse squire persuades giant demons hinders resonating reasoning gennos dominates
Au pres du Rhin des montaignes Noriques

Venusian variants starving endanger[e]d genes deranged portents ventur[e]d
Naistra vn grand de gens trop tard venu

quinques (5 ways) defined auras Rome quinones permeation
Qui defendra ſaurome et Pannoniques

unwoken none cause aura liquers Israel residual released
Qu'on ne ſcaura qu'il sera deuenu
# quinone: an organic chemical derived from aromatic compounds some of which have medicinal use in treating tumours, bacterial and fungal infections.
Near the Rhine from the Noric mountains (Austria)
Will be born a great one of people come too late,
One who will defend Sarmatia (Iran) and the Pannonians (Yugoslavia),
One will not know what will have become of him.
Au pres du Rhin des montaignes Noriques
Naistra vn grand de gens trop tard venu
Qui defendra ſaurome et Pannoniques
Qu'on ne ſcaura qu'il sera deuenu
L1: <Norse giant demons persuAde><resoNating omens><hinders pursued><squire geNnos dominates>persuAdes hindeR equi reasoNing>aNtigone

L2: <saturNian port raved><veNusian port dart genes><verdant austriaN ports><transport starviNg and deranged><verdun variaNts><Nun portents variants raved><Nun rang edged variants>

L3: <Quinques(5 ways) meteor / remote auraS defined><defined auraS nonpermeation>

L4: <israel unQueued none><due israel uuoQen><neuu redsea quails><cauSE equalisr><Qnouun cauSe iraqu><era quails>residual
1: non-permeation, quinques (5 ways), starving, unqueued, hinders, defined, qnouun,
2: squalider, variants, Venusian,
3: aequorins, Saturnian, quinone(s), nuances, hinder,
4: dominates, transport, residual, sidereal, quails, auroras,
5: resonating, unreleased, antigens, Austrian, liquers, qneuu,
6: reasoning, portents, equalisr, verdant,
7: Antigone / negation, Salique, spurred, edged,
8: equorins, pursued / usurped, regents, define, durers, nun,
9: Saturnin,
10: Verdun,
11: atoning, antigen, gennos,
12: neuu, caesura,
13: persuades, deranged,
14: sonance, noun,
15: vnder, cursa, vrda,
16: uuaqes, modes, 
17: demons, meteor / remote, atop,
18: -
19: ensign, auras,
20: -
21: risque /, squire,
22: giant, quid.
23: -

quinques (5 ways), non-permeation, hinders, starving, unqueued, known, variants, defined, Venusian, aequorins, Saturnian, quinones, residual, nuances, hinder, dominates, transport, sidereal, auroras, resonating, unreleased, liquers, Austrian, verdant ports, knew, reasoning, spurred, portents, negation, regents, pursued, nun, define, Saturnin, caesura, atoning, gennos, new, antigen, persuades, deranged, meteor, auras, wakes, giant, demons.

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