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Nostradamus C3 Q63: Jules Scaliger's approach to the Arian debate.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The tenor of this verse is about religious argument which fits well with the two themes found in the anagrams. One deals with the issues preceding the 4th Century Nicean Council and the other with the disharmony these same issues created between Nostradamus and Jules Scaliger in the period when Nostradamus lived in Agen (1530's). This verse is discussed more fully in Nicea Agennos and Jules of Agen.

The anagrams that provide the evidence of this verse being part of the Nicean theme include:

Ambrosian raised two worries about omniparous Moiras
Romain pouuoir ſera du tout abas

[n]oss around Silvester interim time division
Son grand voiſin imiter les veſtiges

Jules debates occults ethicalness boasted hesitancies cost cult detestable juices
Occultes haines ciujles et debats

trader ornate box buffoons rules forelies
Retarderont aux bouffons leurs folies
# omniparous: producing all things.
# Moiras: three Greek Goddesses of destiny equivalent to Roman Parcae, English Fates & Nordic Norns.
The Roman power will be thoroughly abased,
Following in the footsteps of its great neighbor:
Hidden civil hatreds and debates
Will delay their follies for the buffoons.
Romain pouuoir ſera du tout abas
Son grand voiſin imiter les veſtiges
Occultes haines ciujles et debats
Retarderont aux bouffons leurs folies

Adjacent Anagrams plus Anagrams of highest merit.  ( ~ means full line used)
Selection Order based on letter rarity, word and sequence length plus line completion

  1. <~about a riSe touuard omnipaRous (production of all things)~><po ambRosian (related to St Ambrose- late 4thC) uuorries> <aRabs tout><about aRomas>
  2. <~Silvester (5th C saint & pope) time diviSion genoSs rang~><timelier viSion veSts ><itS time diviSion engroSs revels><timelier Son vest novigrad (Croatia) Sin><interim veSsel iS void><grandSon viSion limiter /timelier> organS
  3. <i debate jules ethicalness><jules debate cult cOst><has in Occults detestable juices><jules hesitancies><clutches bOasted><debates cOst cult> <bOast eldest juices>
  4. <~rules of buffoons uxa trader not Relies~><buffoons eaRliest order of rules><aRrested rules foils buffoons><aunt order felons box aeRolites (silicon based meteorites)>Retailers
  1. omniparous, uuorries (worries), aggression, interim, division, cult cost, detestable, juices, ethicalness, hesitancies, boasted, clutches, buffoons,
  2. Ambrosian, Silvester, timelier,
  3. Novigrad, debate(s), hesitances, songs
  4. about, aromas, vision, boast / boats, genoss, void,
  5. Jules, box, foils,
  6. Arabs, raiders, vests, felons,vessels,
  7. grandson, aerolites,
  8. retailers, Baux
  9. touuard (toward), arrested, haste, untax,
  10. cult,
  11. earliest, arteries, deletes,
  12. coast,
  13. organs, revels / levers,
  14. order, Seth, about,
  15. -,
  16. -,
  17. -,
  18. -,
  19. eldest, upon,
  20. debt, beta / beat, off,
  21.  tuuo, Shia,
  22.  beast / beats, song,
  23. -.

omniparous, aggression, worries, interim, division, boasted, cult cost, detestable, juices, clutches, buffoons, ethicalness, Silvester, hesitancies, Ambrosian, timelier, debate(s), about, Novigrad, songs, void, Jules, genoss, vision, eldest, grandson, arrested, haste toward, cult, about, Seth, order.



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