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Nostradamus C3 Q78: Magdelaine and the mythical lineage of the Savior.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Most of the verses at the end of the third of Nostradamus' Centuries involve astronomic settings with frequent reference to Saturn and the Polestar as reference points. This verse, like the previous one, involves these central themes but unlike C3 Q77 its astronomy allusions are solely in its Ursae anagrams. However it is dominated by other rare anagrams linking it to the Magdelaine legend.

The anagrams for rebuilding the intended prophecy include:

fleeched [coaxed] codes cause ideals Magdelaine Angelim lineage enigma
Le chef d'Eſcoſſe auec six d'Alemaigne

genders moderniser cause USA pact if unexact fit
Par gens de mer Orienteaux captif

separating treasure Norse call Ursae replace Peter presagient
Trauerſeron le Calpre et Espaigne

Serpent present Ursae Europeans now wear your tyranic fit
Preſent en Perſe au nouueau Roy craintif
The Scottish chief with six Germans
Captive of the Eastern seamen:
They will pass Gibraltar and Spain,
Present in Persia for the fearful new King.
Le chef d'Eſcoſſe auec six d'Alemaigne
Par gens de mer Orienteaux captif
Trauerſeron le Calpre et Espaigne
Preſent en Perſe au nouueau Roy craintif
L1: <Seas coDES mAgdelaine fLeech (cajole)><mAle Lineage><mAgdelaine cause ix (nine)><i cause Axled enigma fLeech codES><diAlx cause enigma> image fEedS angelim

L2: <if Pager/ Prage remOdernised pact><mOderniser unexact><apt if Orient cauxe mere dangers><rOme trainee genders>gendarmes

L3: <platEs replaCE lone TreaSure><norSe rue separaTing arT><preSagient TreaSurer><replaCe urSae tree><norSe rue Tearing replete laCe> peter reuse repeal

L4: <ten euroPeanS uuear><ouR cry fit in a SerPent><youR auue in arc fit PreSeen PreSent><ten euroPeanS fit in your uuaue arc><Pen-rePreSent urSae nouu><PreSeen PreSent fit coy iran>

1: separating,
2: moderniser, dialx,
3: Magdelaine,
4: treasurer, prefits,
5: presagient, liegeman,
6: unexact,
7: Angelim, replete, Amelia, image,
8: gendarmes, Europeans, lineage,
9: enigma, axled,
10: -
11: austerer / treasure,
12: replace, magi,
13: fleeched, coy,
14: -
15: -
16: -
17: feeds,
18: present / serpent, trainee, cry,
19: -
20: cauxe,
21: parcel,
22: granite, place, 
23: -.

moderniser, separating, Magdelaine, dials, treasurer, prefits, unexact, presagient, liegeman, Europeans, treasure, Angelim, lineage, enigma, fleeched, Magi, replace, replete, axled, image, feeds, present, trainee, coy, cry, cause, granite, parcel, place.

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